Fun Web Sites

Do You Have the New Facebook Wall Yet?

Andy has come to realize that the folks at Facebook are geniuses when it comes to rolling out a new look to the timeline, and plays out a couple of scenarios starring Jim, Joe, Mable, Dorothy, and Earl. Yes, you may hate the new look, but you’ll stick around, or probably be back.

Do You Think Warren Buffet Would Start a Chain Letter?

The Dude on the Right received an email and has seen a lot of post-sharing on Facebook lately about how “Warren Buffet is asking each addressee to forward this email to a minimum of twenty people on their address list…”. He tends to do his due-diligence and has found out the truth about this urban legend, and although he’s getting tired of telling people the stuff they are sharing is wrong, now he is just wondering if people actually think Warren Buffet would send out a chain email. It’s his Daily Plight.

Has a Music Video Ever Ruined a Song for You?

The Dude on the Right admits his admiration for girl pop music, and yes, even admits to liking some Miley Cyrus. Originally a fan of her song “Wrecking Ball” (not to be ever confused with the Bruce Springsteen song by the same name), he fears the song has now been ruined by his watching of the music video on Vevo, complete with Miley sticking out her tongue a lot and prancing around naked. He’s also concerned she may also ruin Saturday Night Live for him when she hosts and sings on it this weekend. His advice is really for Miley to stop sticking out her tongue, but in the process plights if a video has ruined a song for you.

Did you eat something off of a barbecue grill on Labor Day?

The Dude on the Right almost went the entire Labor Day Weekend without firing up the grill, which would have almost been as much of a travesty as not having one last summer-time corn dog. Happily he managed to accomplish both, but plights about the success of your end of summer barbecue.

Did You Try to Watch the MTV VMA’s Online?

The Dude on the Right tried to watch the MTV VMA’s online as he wasn’t near a cable feed. He figures that either MTV screwed up their feed and messed up by showing feeds of things like the audience and Stage Manager, or they did a great job at hoodwinking every news outlet into writing stories saying MTV was streaming the VMA’s online, when actually they were only streaming crappy views no one wanted to watch. The Dude plights wondering who else tried to watch the VMA’s online and was pissed.

Have You Posted a Review in an App Store?

Being truly frustrated by an update to an app called OverDrive (used mostly to download digital copies of books from libraries) which has appeared to make the app unusable, The Dude on the Right is tempted to post his first review of an app. He plights, however, mostly about his fascination with app updates, or bad app updates, and wonders if you might have posted an app review.

Is it Wrong to Think “Boogity, Boogity, Boogity!” before Saying “Amen”?

Whether or not The Dude on the Right ends up in eternal happiness, or the other place, remains to be seen, but he’s just hoping he hasn’t tainted his chances by possibly having St. Peter annoyed with him because St. Peter now can’t stop singing “Boogity, boogity, boogity! Amen!” If given a chance to explain, though, The Dude is blaming a buddy from Facebook. It’s a Daily Plight!

Does a Waffle Taco Sound Appetizing?

The Dude on the Right, at first, was turned off by the concept of the Waffle Taco coming to Taco Bell, but after reading what’s in it, he might become a fan. He plights and wonders if you might think it’s tasty.