Do You Stop for Coffee on the Way to Work?

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They opened a new donut shop on my way to work. Umm, donut!

This is bad.

The Fat Elvis DonutYou see, I’m a sucker for a good donut, and this place, Jo and Doh! Donuts in Naperville has plenty, including the best maple bacon donut I’ve had to date and this donut called the Fat Elvis, a double-sized Bavarian Cream topped with peanut butter, bananas, and bacon. When they opened I hate to admit it but I stopped every day for two weeks on my way to work. It was bad, but it was so good!

I have since curbed my donut-stopping though I have to say it is super-difficult at times, but the thing that always struck me was that every time I came in they asked if I also wanted some coffee. I would always decline as I had my own in the car. Then the other day there was a story about how Chicago has 164 Starbucks stores, and if you are in the immediate Loop area there are 64 of them, which pretty much means if you want a Starbucks you are probably only a couple of blocks away from one.

As I make my own coffee, or I guess I should specify and say “latte” at home and take it to work, and as Mel asked me again if I would like a coffee with my donuts and I declined, I wondered: Do you stop for coffee on your way to work?

That’s it for this one! L8R!!

Would you buy a reusable, plastic Starbucks cup?

I try to be environmentally friendly sometimes. I mean I don’t go crazy, and don’t really think recycling helps us all that much thanks to when Penn & Teller had a show called “Bullshit” and did an analysis of recycling, but I still have my green bin on garbage day and will keep my underwear until they fall apart. Okay, the latter part might be just because I’m a guy, but I’m also a guy that likes a Starbucks’ coffee, and I’m also a guy that thinks as much as Starbucks touts the “environmentally” friendly line, I also know they are a business, and a business has got to always find new sources of revenue. On their latest front is this promotion where you can give them a dollar and they will give you a plastic cup for your coffee instead of the paper one they normally give you. The magic thing about this cup is that you can reuse it, they will give you ten cents off of a cup of coffee if you come in with it, and they will even clean it for you. Here’s the thing, I want to know who actually ends up using this cup over the necessary ten times in which to make your investment worthwhile, especially when sure, it looks like a sturdy enough plastic cup, but will it survive ten, normal days of travel, as opposed to a sturdy, travel coffee mug that you can probably use for years unless you accidentally put it on top of your car and drive off with it rolling down the street behind you. And fine, you can say that if you use it just five times that you are helping reduce landfill waste somewhere, but really, is it worth the trouble especially as you are carrying this plastic cup with you all day, trying not to break it?

Fine, I’ll get off of my rant as you can probably guess I won’t be adding to Starbucks’ bottom line with the purchase of their plastic cup, but I plight: Would you buy a reusable, plastic Starbucks cup?

That’s it for this plight! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!