Are You Sometimes Amazed at Technology?

Sometimes I’m amazed at technology and how things that seem so simple now were impossible just a few years ago. My case in point for this example is the Howard Stern Birthday Bash. As a fan of Howard, listening to his Birthday Bash is always a “I have to go to work but don’t want to stop listening and get out of the car” kind of moment, as well as one of those Howard events that most fans wish they could see because as much as Howard’s radio show is perfect for radio, the Bash always seemed like an event you just wanted to see. It took a while to get this thing on video as this show happened back in January, but a little while ago Howard announced, and has been tweeting and re-tweeting regularly, that his Birthday Bash show was available to watch online. Awake early on a Sunday morning I decided to attend the Church of Howard, and it couldn’t have been easier to watch it in full, big-screen glory.

First I pulled out my iPad and found the SiriusXM page where you can stream the video (It’s only available thru July 20th so find it fast! And yes, there are some swearing and dick jokes so if you watch and are offended, well, I just warned you so you are an idiot if you complain.) With the video ready to roll I connected my iPad to my Apple TV and fired up AirPlay, started the video, and there he was, the hook-nosed Jew bastard, larger than life, being congratulated on getting old by the likes of Barbara Walters, Jimmy Kimmel, Cathy Griffin, Ellen DeGeneres, and a slew of A-List celebrities and F-List whack-packers. Watching the show my wife sits by my side during Jon Bon Jovi singing “Dead or Alive” and proceeded to wonder how old he was, what work he had done, and then when Howard came back on the screen proclaimed “Why didn’t he shave? He looks horrible!” She was fascinated by the list of people there, surprised it was out there for free, and then, while Adam Levine was doing a phenomenal Prince’s “Purple Rain” and Pat Monahan shows up singing again, she says “What, is he just going to show up for every song? He’s like a little nymph.” She didn’t know Train was the house band, so I’ll let her slide. She also noted how Howard was able to get judge representatives from “America’s Got Talent,” “The Voice,” and “American Idol.”

Ten years ago you might be lucky to be able to watch a tiny video on your computer thinking it was the greatest thing in the world. This morning things are different, technology is amazing, and I wonder: Are you sometimes amazed at technology.

P.S. If you are a fan of music, even if you think Howard is a pig, watch this for some of the most fantastic musical performances out there. Adam Levine’s version of “Purple Rain” is worth it alone.

That’s it for this one! L8R!!

Are You Fascinated with Christina Aguilera’s Boobies on “The Voice?”

Fine, maybe you can’t stop looking at Adam Levine while watching “The Voice,” after all he is dreamy, but I’m being forced to pay attention to the ever-changing boobs on Christina Aguilera. I say “forced” because I generally do my best not to overtly pay attention to things like boobs and butts when I’m watching TV with my wife, but lately, while we are watching the singing show, she keeps pointing them out and noticing that during this contestant they are nicely pushed up, and then the next contestant I’m forced to notice that they have become saggy and droopy. I try to get analytical with her, saying that since they are in the pre-taped portion of the show maybe the producers don’t necessarily show the contestants in the order they appeared during tryouts, and that the “saggy” times were later in the day, but she can’t help herself, and will even force me to rewind the DVR to pay closer attention.

I’m sure Christina’s ever-changing boobs could be turned into a drinking game – a sip when they are pushed up and a chug when you wonder if it’s time she had a boob-lift, and maybe, when the live shows start, you drink the entire bottle if there is actual nip-slippage, but the thing is we won’t be able to analyze them after this year as it’s been announced that next year Christina and Cee Lo will be replaced by Shakira and Usher. So get that boob-analysis done now because next year they get a little bit smaller with Shakira, and for now now I plight: Are you fascinated with Christina Aguilera’s boobies on “The Voice?”

That’s it for this plight! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!