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In Our Office...
Staff Bios

The Dude on the Right
a.k.a. Andrew Labis
a.k.a. ill inois
Editor & Publisher
Birth Date: May '67
Birth Place: Lorain, OH
Height: 5'-10"
Weight: 210 lbs

For more about me, visit my MySpace page!

Ambitions: To be a singer - on stage in front of thousands of people -scared to death (God bless Rock & Roll!), to be a millionaire by 45 (God bless the Lotto!), to party all night, sleep all day, never get any older and never die (God bless vampires!), and I don't want a super-model, just someone nice (It used to be Jennifer Aniston, but lately I've had a thing for Ellen Pompeo from "Old School" and "Grey's Anatomy")!

Worst Decision: Going to graduate school.

Best Decision: Going to graduate school and then quitting!

Most People Don't Know: I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering (it's scarier flying knowing how and who is building those planes)!

I Admire: Richard J. Daley, my dad, my mom, and what used to be the green M&M dude.

Best Advice: A wise man once said, "You can see when pretending to be blind, but even you can end up on a broken street corner." Whoa, way too serious, his other advice was "Don't pet a burning dog!"

Best Concerts: Bruce Springsteen - 4 hours of pure bred rock & roll. Meat Loaf - at a small bar of some couple hundred people - I think he sweat on me! KMFDM - I found that moshing is cool! Garth Brooks - Hey, he's Garth! Roger Waters - Rock opera at it's best.

Best Bar Bands: The Nerds, Shuddup 'N Drive, Dog Voices

I Listen To: Cathy Richardson - she's way cool! Springsteen, The Michael Stanley Band (you say "Who?"), Garth Brooks, KMFDM, Pachelbel, Ronna Reeves, Meat Loaf, Tchaikovsky, Orff, and just about anything else.

Former Occupations: Office Mismanager, Radio Shack Manager, Camera & Video Sales Professional, Fraternity & Sorority Advisor, Daytime Serial Connoisseur, Residential Lawn Maintenance Engineer.

Jobs at Entertainment Ave!: Editor & Publisher, photographer, artwork, page design, HTML programming, reviewer of all, general overseer of all things Entertainment Ave!


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