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May 23, 1998

The New World
Music Theatre

Tinley Park, IL

A Review and Photos by
The Dude on the Right

More Photos of
Scott Weiland
It’s back to the safety and security of the pavilion area, even though still no rain yet, for another trip to the curious – Scott Weiland and his band.  Yea, you know the stories, the Stone Temple Pilots aren’t broken up, just on hiatus, the drugs, the rehab, a new solo album, but what was Scott Weiland like live?  Well, I guess interesting is the word.

As he ventured on to the main stage with his band, I quickly thought of the heart attack my mother would have if I walked in the door at home and said “Mom, look at my new friends!”  I suppose disowned might be a strong word, but from the mohawk sportin’ guitar player, the blond bass player, the “I just shot my best friend and it felt good” drummer, and the, well, dyed red hair, see-through silkish shirt, sporting this frilly coat Scott Weiland, I just don’t think my mom is up to the world of, as this dude I was talking to called it, glam rock.

I will give him this, he pushes glam rock to the limit, but right now, Scott Weiland is going to have to keep on continuing to rely on his Stone Temple Pilot days to keep his notoriety because it seemed that only with those songs did the crowd really seem to enjoy his performance.  During his little set, Weiland seemed content to prim himself and pose like the best of the male models than to transfer his new music to the crowd.  The now pretty full pavilion didn’t seem to care about the solo stuff, they wanted Pilots, and it was only during those did Weiland connect a little.  And it was kind of too bad, because he really did put together a good band, and his new songs do have the potential, but his stage presence this day just didn’t convey the “Hey, I’m Scott Weiland.  I’m back, have a solo album, and you’re gonna like it.”  It was more like “Hey.”

Maybe he’s still just nervous coming back, maybe he still needs to take a few more steps, but on the solo front it’s a SHRUG from me for Scott Weiland.

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