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In The Alley...  Cheap Advice
Stu Gotz & Trash


Help! I need advice from Stu & Trash!

Dear Stu and Trash,
I've got this problem with a friend of mine. See, she and I used to play darts and she always wins. What shall I do? I want to practice, but I don't want her to know that I've been practicing. I can't practice on my own, can I?

Dear Stu and Trash,
I am currently attending Trent University and have found that a lot of the students do not enjoy listening to Barenaked Ladies. How can I convert them without losing people who could be potential friends?

Dear Stu and Trash,
I wanna get my tongue pierced and was wondering how dangerous it is and all the negative things about it. Please help!

Dear Stu and Trash,
What's a good way to get rid of warts?

Dear Stu and Trash,
Did Tupac know he was going to die?
Tupac Lives

Dear Stu and Trash,
Can you recommend a good stogie?
Smokin' Joe

Dear Stu and Trash,
Walt here....I found my one true love and she lives half way across the country. Should I move out there or convince her to move here?

Dear Stu and Trash,
... How can I convince my girlfriend I won't cheat on her?
Not Sleeping Around Anymore

Dear Stu and Trash,
... Please help! I'm addicted to Bon Jovi and Chat Lines!
Jovi Addict

Dear Stu and Trash,
... Where can a guy meet a nice girl in the new millenium?
Tick Tock Tim

Dear Stu and Trash,
Is it OK to lie to someone you love to avoid hurting their feelings?
Worried Lover

Help! I need advice from Stu & Trash!


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