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The Dude on the Right
Itís back over to the second stage for another band I was both curious about, and eager to see, and after seeing them, pissed that I missed their show in Chicago a couple of weeks earlier.  That band was Eve 6.

Why was I pissed?  Well, after briefly seeing these three guys I remember how much I missed a decent, in your face and all over the place, punk band.  The music is fast, furious, and can kick you right in the ass, and even though still in their teens, the boys of Eve 6 played like the best of them, with confidence in themselves, and blasting that confidence in the crowd of moshing moshers, surfing surfers, and girls screaming hoping to catch the eye of any of the boys of the band.

Do I know any of their songs?  Nope (Yea, what kind of reviewer am I, right?), but I do know Iíve missed hearing a band play like Eve 6 did.  And what else can I say?  I guess not much, but Iím happy to be reminded of a musical style I almost forgot about.  Thanks Eve 6, and Iíll be sure to try to catch them on their return trip to The Windy City.

Simply put, TWO BIG OLí THUMBS UP for Eve 6.  They kicked ass.




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