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In The Alley...
U Said It.


Alias: danny
This person is: Male and 48
and from: New York, NY
Comments for: The Dude on the Right
what is the newest film that is coming out soon. i heard it on jay leno but did not get when it was coming out.

Hey danny,
Without some more information, like who the guest might have been, recently Jay had Reese Witherspoon on most likely promoting "Penelope" which opens on February 29th, and also Larry the Cable Guy promoting "Witless Protection" which opens this Friday, February 22nd. We do our best to keep major releases posted in our "Preview" area or another site to keep in mind is The Internet Movie Database.

Hope that helps.
The Dude on the Right
Alias: SOK
This person is: Male and 44
and from: Palm Harbor, FL, USA
Comments for: The Dude on the Right
The Dude on the Right,
First of all, LOVE THE WEB-SITE !!! I have always appreciated your reviews thus I am curious to get your take on the latest from Michael Stanley; The Soft Addictions...13 original tunes that need to know what "The Dude on the Right" scores them on the Entertainment Ave! listenability scale. Rock On Dude!!! Continued success!

Hey SOK,
Thanks for the web site comments! Even more than that, thanks for hipping me to the fact Michael Stanley has a new CD out. I usually try to check out his site every month or so, but missed last month so didn't realize "The Soft Addictions" was available. I ordered it today, so depending on how fast the shipping Gods get me my copy, my review will follow shortly after that. I'll let you know when it's posted.

"Rock On" right back at ya!
The Dude on the Right
Alias: jp
This person is: and from Atlanta, GA, USA
Comments for: Stu Gotz
The final scene in AIR FORCE ONE is not far-fetched at all. Special Ops in the Air Force does just that type of transfer.

Dear jp
Actually... I did realize that. I just thought it to be a little far fetched about the whole plane out of control zooming towards disaster and the Pres. bouncing around on a free line. How much bad luck can one situation have?

Love ya babay and keep those q's coming...
Alias: pwar
This person is: and from Roseville, MI, USA
Comments for: The Dude on the Right/Editor
I'm looking to see if the "Beth Hart Band" was planning any appearances somewhere in my neck of the woods, but i couldn't find any thing which listed any concert dates. Could you please suggest a site where that info may be accessible, providing that this page does not provide such information.
Thank you,

Dear Pwar,
A good site for up-to-date concert info is Pollstar at:
As far as Beth Hart Band, I haven't gotten any new information in regards to a new CD or tour, but do look forward to seeing them again. If I do hear anything, I'll try to let you know!
The Dude on the Right
Name: sarah
This person is: Female and 15
and from callgary,
Comments for: The Dude on the Right/Editor
this is 4 the vital movie stats:1st of all it's not the killers last word's (they're 'I always had a thing 4 ya' Sid!) and he doesn't say my parent' are gonna be pissed. it's my parents are gonna be so mad at me (but maybe it's because you didn't have enough room)

Dear Sarah,
Thanks for the correction about the line in Scream, you're not alone in correcting Stu, the reviewer. As to how it ended up that way, the review was written when he saw the movie in the theater, so he did his best to get it right, but obviously didn't. We'll be changing the review, now that we got the video, and correcting the line.
Thanks for the e-mail!
The Dude on the Right
Alias: Joe
This person is: and from Silver Spring, MD, USA
Comments for: The Dude on the Right/Editor
Hey guys,
You have a great site but i would lik to make a suggestion. You should put the concert reviews in order of date. I was reading some and then i saw that they were from 1995, and i figured I had missed those tours. If you put it in order of date then people will be able to see what is happening now first.

Dear Joe,
Thanks for the e-mail suggestion, and we've been bouncing around the idea. Actually, what we might be doing is for reviews older than 2 years we would have it as an e-mail script where you would request it and it would end up in your e-mailbox. We thought about having the reviews by date order, but in all honesty most people search them by artist rather than by date. It's a valid problem, and we are working on it, and thank you for the suggestion.
The Dude on the Right
Alias: Matt
This person is: Male and 12
and from Florence, SC, usa
Comments for: The Dude on the Right/Editor
Hey i think Matchbox 20 RULZ!! do u iknow where i can get a lot of info?

Dear Matt,
Best suggestion I can give is head to the matchbox 20 site at:
Hope that helps,
The Dude on the Right
Alias: TAco
This person is: Male and 12
and from Daytona Beach Fl, usa
Comments for: The Dude on the Right/Editor
I am making a web page about the musical group Cracker and would like your permission to use the photos on your site before I can get my own

Dear Taco,
I wish I could grant permission, but do to copyright restrictions of the magazine and record companies we can't allow the photos to be used elsewhere. Sorry.
Take care.
The Dude on the Right, Editor
Alias: Mary
This person is: Female and 34
and from IL, USA
Comments for: The Dude on the Right/Editor
Is "Air Force One" based on any book?

Dear Mary,
As far as I know, "Air Force One" is an originally movie screenplay written by Andrew Marlowe. In passing by a bookstore yesterday, I saw a paperback version of the movie, but it was based on the author of the movie rather than the other way around. So, I guess in answer to you question it is "No." It was originally written for the big screen and has now been adapted to book form, as far as I know.
The Dude on the Right
Alias: Lemon
This person is: Male and 17
and from chesterton indiana, U.S.A.
Comments for: The Dude on the Right/Editor
Please stop playing that stupid commercial that raps the whole way through!! every time I hear it I change the station automatically.

Dear Lemon,
Um, we're an entertainment magazine, not affiliated with any radio stations, although we do cover some radio station events in Chicago. I'm not sure exactly which commercial you are writing about, nor on which station, but we have no control over it. If you e-mail which station, I can let you know where to e-mail them.
The Dude on the Right
Alias: fran
This person is: and from fayetteville , arkansas, um, usa
Comments for: The Dude in the Middle
um, hey, dude, you wanna send me like a free matchbox 20 cd? write back please...

Dear Fran,
Um, like, no. Actually, if I had a CD to send, I would, but I don't, so sorry. Best I can tell you is save your pennies and head to your favorite CD store when you have enough. Sorry.
The Dude on the Right
Alias: Juli
This person is: Female and 14
and from Baxter,MN, USA
Comments for: The Dude on the Right/Editor
I just wanted to say that it is really cool you had the chance to meet Matchbox 20! The band was on MTV news and Rob Thomas seemed very smart and alive compared to alot of other artists I've seen interviewed. I think this is very cool and they are now definately my favorite band. Not only do I love their music but surprisingly my mom does too. This is very unlikely since I listen to punk/ska music like Less Than Jake and Sublime etc. Now when we go on trips and drive places we can actually listen to music we both enjoy. One of their songs I really enjoy is "long day" it's probably my favorite. Another thing that's cool about Matchbox 20 is I can listen to their whole cd without having to skip a song that I don't like because I like them all. :) I supose you receive many of these messages so I'll quit going on and on. Thanks for the web page I'm glad I could find information on a great band like this, THANKS! Juli

Dear Juli,
Thanks for the comments, and yea, lately I've been getting many e-mails like yours, but hey, that's fine. Glad you liked the site and the information we have on it. As far as meeting the band, it was pretty cool, and Rob, as well as Adam and Paul are very talkative and cordial (I got to meet Brian briefly, and he's pretty alright too.) My favorite song, "Hang," although "Long Day" is a close second, and I also agree that it is one of the few CD's I've been able to listen to all the way through without fast-forwarding through some songs. They'll be coming back through Chicago in a couple of weeks, and I'm hoping to do a follow up interview, mostly with questions from readers and fans, so if you have anything you wanted to ask them, e-mail me back and I'll see what I can do. No promises, I don't know if the interview will even happen, but it's a shot.
Thanks again for the e-mail!
The Dude on the Right
Name: Mustafa
This person is: Male and 26
and from Cleveland, OHIO, USA
Comments for: The Dude on the Right/Editor
Dear Sir,
By any chance if you know whether a video version exists or not, please send me an email. Needless to say, I will be indepted if you can direct me to a source that you think carries or markets such video recordings (like The Meeting of the Spirits featuring above artists).

With my best regards,

Dear Mustafa,
Quite honestly, I doubt a video of that performance exists. >From what you've written, you've searched every place I could think of, and knowing the concert was before the wide use of video (i.e. MTV and music videos), I have a feeling all that is available is the audio we are able to hear. Wish I could be of more help. Sincerely, The Dude on the Right
Alias: crash
This person is: and from TOWN: ballina STATE: n.s.w, australia
Comments for: The Dude on the Right/Editor
i only saw scream yesterday 2 /8/97 and i really enjoyed it and i watched today also i really liked the movie.
p.s can you please send me information on mathew lillard (stu)