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May 23, 1998

The New World
Music Theatre

Tinley Park, IL

A Review and Photos by
The Dude on the Right

More Photos of
Barenaked Ladies
Well, it was one last trip back to the pavilion area, where finally the last three bands of the night would bring this day to an end.  First up – Barenaked Ladies, and boy was I surprised.  I wasn’t surprised that Barenaked Ladies would put on a good show, not at all.  I have seen them before, love what they do, but wondered if they would be able to convince thirty five thousandish people that they were as cool as I thought they were.  I think Barenaked Ladies convinced them.

They didn’t have long to do it, but Barenaked Ladies hit on a couple of their radio hits, but more importantly, showed the crowd that sometimes being, well, off the wall, can be just as much fun as totally serious about your music.  And totally serious about their music is what they were, and being off the wall is also what they were.  It was a set of sing-a-longs (“Brian Wilson”), a set of poking fun at everyone through rap, and a set of combining as much of the fun as a full-blown two hour show into a 50ish minute set.  Steven Page was his normal, bouncy self, belting his powerful voice and having me still admire his singing, Ed Robertson was still totally able to work the crowd into a “join-along-with-the-band” frenzy, and the back-up boys of Tyler Stewart, Jim Creeggan, and Kevin Hearn got to come out front from the raping ending.

I guess, knowing the band, I shouldn’t have been surprised, but the crowd participation (most everyone was on their feet, dancing and singing along) really had me saying to myself “I guess gone are the days of Barenaked Ladies at The Riviera.”  The boys of the band got the crowd to sing all of the right parts to “If I had $1,000,000” (although I couldn’t see if anyone remembered the Kraft Dinner), I saw one young lovely “acting” out “Brian Wilson,” and even the security lady near me, who I don’t think heard of the band, found herself having fun, and she wasn’t even supposed to.

This is an easy one, it’s TWO BIG OL’ HUGEMOUNGOUS THUMBS UP for Barenaked Ladies.  They’ve taken a show that I thought would only go over in a more intimate venue, and showed me they could transfer their musical fun to 35000ish new fans.

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