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Wet At a Fest!
Q101 Jamboree 1996

A Concert Review

May 26, 1996

The New World
Music Theatre

Tinley Park, IL

A Review by Big Cooter
Photos & Comments by
The Dude on the Right
Well, Q101's li'l Jamboree was an inviting return to the concert scene that I have missed in quite some time. I had done a couple of gentlemen's clubs and a bit of traveling so far, so a concert was quite a refresher, and this one lent itself to be a good comeback for me - Thirteen bands in 10+ hours, Woo woo! I was stoked and ready to go. For the basic information of you outside Chicago, Q101 is kinda the alternative radio station in Chicago. I really don't know what alternative is anymore - I thought I did, but know it all is so what is alternative. Anyhoo, they play mostly the new music that wouldn't be called girly music, and isn't heavy metal/rock. It's hard to explain, but I think you get the idea. Well, back to our day.

Leaving the house in the morning to get down to Tinley Park and the World Music Theater was kinda a drag. I was wearing shorts until The Dude on the Right advised against it, citing the chance of rain in the evening and the dropping temps. Good call on his part! We get there finding that the lines had already started forming and brought back nasty flashbacks of the lines from a Jimmy Buffett concert we attended last year. Lucky for us, we kinda snuck into a closer place in line, and low and behold, in we went to check out our seats and the Buzz stage. Now, this little jamboree was set up to totally cram 13 bands into a 10 hour show. Two stages, the main stage in the pavilion and the Buzz stage outside between gates 2 and 3, I think - That is what was really causing the problems with people getting through the gates. They only had two open and about 30 some odd thousand teeny bopping kids trying to get in. It definitely made life interesting for security and such.

Okie dokey, so now I am inside with my partner and he tells me I am pretty much on my own for the shows as he is gonna have to run between both stages in order to get all the pictures he wanted. Okay, lessee, me alone at a concert with millions of chicks around, no problem. I thought I could handle myself for an afternoon of fun, moshing, crowd surfing and the like, but alas, to my dismay, there was a sign posted upon the entrance to the Theater that clearly stated moshing, body surfing, and something else were strictly prohibited. I thought to myself, "Self, I sincerely doubt there is enough security in this state to keep these young-ins from having their due fun." But I took it for what it was worth, a sign.

So, I meander around for a bit before settling down in front of the Buzz stage sound board to await the beginning of the show, which by the way would be a Chicago band named Stabbing Westward. I had heard them a couple of times on Q101 but didn't know too much about them. So, hoping that they weren't your typical Q101 hit wonder, I sat in what turned out to be the warmer area between the two stages and waited for them to start. And I waited, and I waited. It turned out that the guys had broken something in one of their amps, "a brand new one that he had spent lots of money on and now would have to play with his old crappy one." Finally, The Jamboree was off and running - approximately 8 minutes late, but who is counting. Not me.  Let's start it off with Stabbing Westward.


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