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May 26, 1996

The New World
Music Theatre

Tinley Park, IL

A Review by Big Cooter
Photos & Comments by
The Dude on the Right
Garbage Photo 1Garbage Photo 3Next up was a jaunt back over to the Buzz Stage to see the only other chick lead band of the day, Garbage. I guess these guys are cheeseheads, so was the rumor I hear, but the lead singer sounded like she was from like northern Ireland or maybe even Scotland. Then again maybe I was just hearing things. Now this band had two songs I recognized from my Q101 listening time. Some song called either "Queerist of the Queer" or just plain "Queer". Sorry, I don't listen to this band so I don't know the names of their songs. I do know the other one, the one that they closed with, that being "I Only Like It When It Rains." Too bad the rain held off for another good hour and half or so. The only real complaint that I have against these guys is that I really hate sampled music. I could have just as easily sat at home and listened to this band at home. But, who am I to judge this band, oh yeah I am the reviewer, but there did seem to be many more people at the Buzz stage for this band, even though Stabbing Westward made an appearance and walked around signing autographs for a while. Then again, the reason there might have been more people is that they actually had finally gotten everyone into the show. Yeah, I will bet I am right. Anyhoo, even though it was the techno, pre-recorded BS that I don't like, give me a few beers and a blankie and I couldda sat and listened to them for a while. I don't know how those people were moshing to this stuff, but they were. So, I guess it will have to be another Shrug for the Buzz stage band. (Dude on the Right here - I think my partner is messed in the head. I hate to put my two cents in, he was assigned to this and all, but Garbage was one of my highlights from this 10 hour fest. I was duly impressed by the energy of the band, and sampled or not, Garbage has been put on my list of new favorite bands. I give them TWO THUMBS UP! - Take that Big Cooter!!)


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