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Seven Mary Three Concert Reviews
- July 31, 1996

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Seven Mary Three

A Concert Review
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May 26, 1996

The New World
Music Theatre

Tinley Park, IL

A Review by Big Cooter
Photos & Comments by
The Dude on the Right
Seven Mary Three Photo 2So, back to the main stage I went, - see a pattern forming here? If I weren't such a diehard reviewer I would have just given up on the Buzz stage and sat in my seats and watched the roadies clear off the equipment of the band before, and setup for the band coming up. But NO! The trooper that I am kept moving back and forth and forth and back. Well, back to the main stage I was going. This was about the time I ran into my pal, The Dude on the Right before Seven Mary Three took to the stage. I showed him these wristband things that I found on the ground, and he hipped me to the fact they must be for something cool. Well, we found a secluded little cabana thingy that looked as if it were a private party. What the hell, we thought, and we walked up to try and join the fun. We found that those little wristbands got us into this little cabana area, where there was food and beer without the lines! Woo woo, we were set. Probably more set than we wanted to be as we couldda just sat there and consumed and listened to the shows from there. But nah, that would be cheating you guys, our readers.

So after a cold one and a burger, we took back to our tasks at hand. DOTR headed for the photo pit and I headed back to my seat. Just in time too, cuz as my buttocks hit the seat 7M3, short for Seven Mary Three, took to the stage. Aside from the lead singer really appearing to be trying too hard to be Eddie Vedder, I didn't really recognize any of the tunes that these guys were blaring out. Well, except for their Q101 hit wonder in Cumbersome. Hell, I didn't appreciate this band as much as many of the folks in the lawn did, then again I am sure I didn't appreciate a few of the bands as much as the lawn did. Don't take that the wrong way, I was just kinda bummed that they didn't clear out a small section of seats for a pit in the pavilion. That would have made it a lot more fun, but alas they did not and I didn't Seven Mary Three Photo 5want to pursue the mosh pit in the lawn quite yet. Oh, I would also mention that I don't think my partner had a fun time shooting this band as they didn't do much on stage but sing, so they had to have made for boring pictures. Well, these guys are gonna get a Thumb Down. I just had to give one to someone and these guys are the big winners. It's mostly due for holding out for their hit Cumbersome till the end, much like all the other bands, but also for being not much short of boring. (Dude on the Right here again - I have to disagree with Big Cooter again - I don't think they were bad, just in the wrong audience. What struck me most about 7M3 was that they came off as more heavy metal than the coined alternative. I can see this band going over great in front of a "metal-type" crowd rather than the teenagers who know them for a couple of songs. Me, I'll give them a SHRUG, but think they would do a lot better in an atmosphere and audience more conducive to their music.)



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