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The Cardigans
Or: From the Beginning

May 25, 1997

The New World
Music Theatre

Tinley Park, IL

A Review and Photos by
The Dude on the Right
Damn, and we were doing so well up to this point in terms of me being impressed by bands. Maybe it was time for something non-techno, non-ska, but just balls out, in your face, punk music. Who better than Social Distortion?

In keeping with our musical variety of the day, Mike Ness and the rest of the boys of Social Distortion blew on stage to scare the crap out of any of The Cardigan's fans that may have drifted over.

From the opening to the end I started to realize why I liked punk - it's the defiant message in the lyrics, it's the driving mix of guitar, bass, and drums, and it's the energy that a punk band will spit in your face, sometimes literally. And Social Distortion was no different.

Finally a band working the entire Buzz Stage, including the little platform area jutting into the crowd, Mike Ness had no trouble getting the boys and girls in the pit fired up, tossing bodies, and just having a blast. Sporting his guitar and pretty cool tattoos, here was a band showing what the punk scene was about.

We'll keep this review short and sweet, and I'll be giving the dudes of Social Distortion TWO THUMBS UP. I think I better or they might just kick my ass!

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Social Distortion
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