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Nigel & Gavin of Bush Concert Reviews
- April 24, 1997

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Nigel & Gavin of Bush

A Concert Review
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May 25, 1997

The New World
Music Theatre

Tinley Park, IL

A Review and Photos by
The Dude on the Right
Probably the most anticipated event of the night was the pairing of Nigel Pulsford and Gavin Rossdale in an acoustic style set, and it almost came to not be. See, right as Gavin started singing, some dude thought it would be cool to throw a cup of mustard at Nigel. I still couldn't figure out why. Nigel was a tad upset, but still able to grin about it, Gavin wondered what the hell happened, and everyone around this dude pointed him out to the security dudes who were all to happy to escort this him out of the theatre. It was an interesting opening, but Nigel and Gavin bounced back triumphantly.

It was kind of interesting seeing this type of performance knowing the high-energy level show that Bush puts out. Here they were, Nigel sitting quietly on a chair with electric and acoustic guitars, with Gavin

handling his job at vocals and guitar. Could they pull this off without the rest of the band - damn well they could and damn well they did.


The set was short, only about thirty minutes long, so there wasn't much time for chit-chat, but the Bush boys sounded great above the high-pitched screams of the teenage girls. Nothing surprising was heard, it was the standard Bush classics, "Machinehead," "Glycerine," and the like, but I was happily surprised that Nigel and Gavin overcame a shaky beginning to perform one of the memorable events of Jamboree 97.

TWO BIG THUMBS UP for the two Bush boys, and remember the cute little dudette looking for her friend? Well she tapped me on the shoulder while I was taking pictures, said she found her friend, and although her friend was pretty, the cute dudette beat our her friend in the gorgeous category if I do say so myself.

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