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May 25, 1997

The New World
Music Theatre

Tinley Park, IL

A Review and Photos by
The Dude on the Right
And now for something completely different. Fresh from kicking some punk-ass in the mosh pit during Social Distortion, it was back to the main stage when one of the security dudes I knew asks me, "What's the name of this band?" I tell him "Jamiroquai," to which he comes back "Ja-mare-a-who? What do they play?" "Well, the only song I've heard is called "Virtual Insanity" and it sounds a lot like Stevie Wonder. Kinda funky, kinda soul like." He looks at me and goes "Hmmm, maybe I'm getting old."

Me, I'm now checking out the stage and there's all kinds of stuff up there - a couple of percussion sets complete with those cool wind-chime things, a horn section, and a little totem-pole looking statue. And then the band came out.

Now, whereas The Mighty Mighty Bosstones were vying with Beck and his band for the "best dressed award," Jamiroquai definitely gets the "band with the coolest hats" award. Jay Kay started it up, the band kicks in, and it was time for groovin' along to the soulful sounding tunes of Jamiroquai. For me, in all honesty, I didn't really like them.

I mean, the songs were tight, they sounded great, but the music did nothing for me. As I watched, I didn't think the band would have the charisma to pull off a massive "groove-fest" for the couple of ten thousand fans to enjoy, and maybe it was just because my hunger pains were taking hold of me that I couldn't enjoy the band, but I'll tell you this, the crowd sure did.


I'm watching this, well, and I'm sure all of the Jamiroquai fans will blast me for this comment, pretty boring band, as far as bands go, up there on stage. Jay is just kinda bouncing around, the rest of the band just plays their parts, but somehow they hypnotize the crowd with their music and I'm watching a sea of waving people from the front row to the back of the lawn. I'm confused, I'm hungry, I've got to get some food before I pass out, and I've got to give Jamiroquai TWO BIG "JA-MARE-A-WHO?" THUMBS UP because they pulled off the seemingly impossible. Me, I guess I'll need to see them again for a more detailed evaluation, but for now the rating stands even though I didn't really like them. The crowd did - they really did, so I guess my opinion doesn't mean anything.

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