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May 25, 1997

The New World
Music Theatre

Tinley Park, IL

A Review and Photos by
The Dude on the Right
So, I'm walking around a little bit, cop-a-squat where I need to wait to get some photos, and there's a dudette who nicely asks something like "Are you taking some photographs." I've never been that great at small talk, and thought it kinda obvious with my photo pass and camera gear, but tried to be nice and politely replied "Yup." We traded some comments back and forth, I thought she was cute, and kinda wished I didn't have to head for the photo pit, but my job is my job and down the ramp I started. She stops me as I'm leaving, and tells me how she's looking for her friend who has front-row tickets and wants to know if I can help her get down there. Hmmm, risk losing my photo privileges for a girl, I don't know. She was cute and all, but the best I could come up with was a description of her friend, gorgeous with short hair was her description if I remember right, a name, and I would see if I could find her friend. If I could find her friend it might be the proverbial feather in the cap, but alas, no one in the front row fit the description, there were some empty seats, and as I looked back up the ramp, well, she was gone. Oh well, it was time for Beck.

Let me first say that as much press that Beck has gotten, and as popular as he seems to be, I have never liked Beck. I was kinda hoping that seeing him live would change my mind, but, I still don't like Beck.

The votes are still out as to who gets the "best dressed band" award for Jamboree 97. The title is between Beck and his boys or The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Coming out in suits, Beck and his band blasted through his view of white-man rap, funky-groovin' music, and just the music that has defined Beck. I never like it, and still don't, but I must say I was impressed.

Why? Well, whether or not I like the music, I do like a great performer - and Beck, with his band in tow, combined to be one of the best performing bands I have seen in my lifetime. Fully animated, from breakin' moves to great mouth-harp playing, Beck seemed to have it all. Backed with a great band, he ran through one of the longer sets of the night, and even had a pseudo-encore.

Yep, he played his classics and currents, and the crowd was into it from the opening note. From his mannerisms to his emotions, Beck kept the crowd on their feet, kept the crowd waving their arms and singing along, and just kept the crowd going, all except maybe me, but him and his band definitely know how to put on a show. For that I must say I like Beck.

And just when I was thinking Beck was done, I was fooled. The band left leaving only the DJ dude on stage. I only have one word for him and that was phenomenal! Back and forth between his two turntables, this dude was on fire. Me, I thought Beck was done, this dude was just jammin', but then out comes Beck donning this shiny purple suit complete with a cowboy hat, while his band was sportin' animal heads and jamming along for one more song.

I still don't like the music of Beck, but as a performer I have got to respect the energy, emotion, and fun that he and his band bring through. We're on a roll, and it's TWO BIG THUMBS UP for Beck.

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