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Have You Watched a Concert on TV?

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I was going to wonder about primary elections, but while I’m sitting here on the couch typing things, I have the replay of Pitbull from the South by Southwest conference, or I guess, to be hip, I should just go with SXSW, playing on my Apple TV. As much as it occurs to me that I haven’t been to a concert in a while, do miss them, and maybe should investigate getting back in the swing of them, what occurs to me more is how much fun Pitbull is having. Maybe weird for me, a dude closing in a 50, but I do know most of the songs he’s singing, and watching his concert is kind of weird because things have come a long way in the concert world. No longer is anyone “ashamed” or tentative about using “virtual” duets during their concerts, in fact, Pitbull might just be the poster child, as it also occurred to me that just about every one of his songs is some kind of duet with another pop star, from Christina Aguilera to Kesha (notice I dropped the $, as she wishes), from Shakira to Ne-Yo. During the show he had the “Pitbull Dancers,” and a super-solid backing band, but also during the show, on the giant screen behind him, were the “video” portions of the duets he sings, with the other singers there in spirit, while Pitbull would sing along with them.

It was a great show, makes me really want to go see Pitbull live, even if half of the people who sing with him won’t be with him, at least physically, because, well, if half of the fun Pitbull seems to be having wears off on me, that concert would just be a happy-fest, but as I sit here watching my TV, and Pitbull, I wonder: Have you watched a concert on TV?

That’s it for this one! I’m Andy!! L8R!!!

A Corn Dog Quest, Good Beer, Free Food, Bad Rubbish, and GWAR is Coming

By: The Dude on the Right

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GWAR in concert.There is nothing like a corn dog from a carnival, festival, or a fair, and as a photo of Michele Bachmann eating a corn dog over the weekend seems to be stealing any corn dog talk I may have, during this episode of our “Weekend Wrap-Up!” podcast, I tell Stu about my and The BFF’s quest for a good corn dog, as well as some funnel cake, and fresh-squeezed lemonade. Stu’s weekend, although sans corn dog, was filled with corn difficulties, but with beer goodness, though not necessarily in that order. He relates to me the good times of hanging out with The Mystery Dude and also finding a new, nearly-favorite beer called Dark Horse, where, thanks to Mama Gotz going to some jewelry party, or some crap like that, he got to hang out at Tribes Ale House, partaking knowing he wouldn’t be driving home.

Stu finds out that kids eat for free sometimes at IKEA, I’m not excited about the Chicago Bears yet, Stu saw “The A-Team” movie on TV, most people, in reference to Carlos Zambrano of the Chicago Cubs, are saying “Goodbye to bad rubbish!”, I debate busting out of concert review retirement to see GWAR, and both Stu and I lament the end of the summer movie season.

Thanks for listening!

That’s it for this podcast! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!

Osama is Dead, A Priest is Suspended, Fast Five is Great, and the Cleveland Indians don’t Suck. Here Comes the Apocalypse!

By: The Dude on the Right

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I wonder what Stu Gotz thinks about Osama Bin Laden being dead, but just as, if not more important during this Weekend Wrap-Up! podcast, I question Stu on a topic he will know nothing about, namely how in the hell the Cleveland Indians have the best record in baseball right now. Stu’s weekend was a little tame, mostly just hanging with the kids and watching “Jackass 3,” while I was all over the place. The world’s greatest nephew took me to see Coheed and Cambria in concert at the House of Blues in Chicago, and I liked it even though I didn’t know any songs, and we also had a chance to catch the greatest movie ever, in the likes of “Fast Five,” the fifthwel in the series bringing The Rock into “The Fast and The Furious” franchise. But what would a short tourist trip for the W.G.N. be without being a little bit of a tourist, so myself, The BFF, and the W.G.N. played tourist on Sunday hitting “The Ledge” at The Sears, I mean Willis Tower, checking out The Bean at Millenium Park, and taking in the “Hand Painted Posters from Ghana” exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center.

And, oh yea, in case you are wondering, Hope Dworaczyk was fired on “Celebrity Apprentice,” and Osama Bin Laden is still dead.

Thanks for listening!

That’s it for this podcast! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!

What’s New? A Concert Review of “Scorpions.”

Dude on the Right got to see a lot of spiders at Charter One Pavilion in
Chicago, but they weren’t nearly as exciting as the band that the Scorpions was for this concert review.
Sure, the Scorpions’ dudes, some of whom have been around for over forty years,
and had their first concert in Chicago 29 years ago, might be a little older,
and some people might question the legitimacy of their new CD, but for The Dude,
who has never seen them before, he just felt that they rock.  If you want
to see a band that rocks, and remember the song “Rock You Like a Hurricane,” you
will probably like seeing the Scorpions, well, rock.


What’s New? A Concert Review of The Swell Season.

It took The Dude on the Right about a week to get his concert review of “The Swell Season,” you know the duo from the movie “Once,” those duo being Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, posted, and as much as he would like to blame computer issues, he probably just needs to get back into the swing of things about writing concert reviews. He loved the movie “Once,” and even though, at times, Glen didn’t actually relate a story in a way anyone could understand, The Dude, well, he loved the concert.

What’s New? A Podcast of: A “The Swell Season” Preview, Meeting Family, The Bachelorette, and Missing “Nessun Dorma” on “America’s Got Talent.”

The Dude on the Right could really use a nap before this podcast about, mainly, going to see “The Swell Season,” especially since getting back home was past his normal bedtime, but that’s not important because this podcast isn’t a full review of the show, just a quick blip at his still liking the folks from the movie “Once.” The Dude also talks about some BFF family stuff, he’s still watching “The Bachelorette,” and is bummed he missed the premier of “America’s Got Talent” where some dude did a great version of “Nessun Dorma” from Puccini’s Turandot, complete with Jerry Springer interrupting it, because, well, it’s on TV.

What’s New? A Podcast of: RIP Jeff Healey, GWS Eddie Van Halen, Oops Jimmy Buffett, and Oprah.

The Dude on the Right is flying solo for this weekend wrap-up podcast, and as it turns out, the podcast isn’t about his weekend at all. Nope, this podcast is about music and Oprah.
On the music side The Dude comments about the passing of Jeff Healey, a fantastic guitarist who also happened to be blind. You might remember his hit "Angel Eyes," but if you love guitar, he is so much more. Continuing on the music side The Dude talks about Van Halen maybe not canceling their tour, just re-arranging a few dates, and laments that he probably won’t be seeing Jimmy Buffett at Toyota Park in Bridgeview, IL, because, well, he’s an idiot.
And what would a podcast be without him commenting on Oprah’s latest conquest, namely "Oprah’s Big Give" winning the ratings for Sunday night Primetime TV.

What’s New? A Podcast of: Hannah Montana, Baseball & Steroids, The Golden Globe Nominations, and Here Comes Santa!

The Dude on the Right is hoping during this podcast that a lot of baseball dudes get together and sue some of the major networks and radio shows for spouting that they did steroids even before the Mitchell Report came out, which then didn’t list them. He was also hoping Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus would be adding some new shows near his niece so he could try to get her tickets as the perfect Christmas present.
The Dude was also disappointed that the Golden Globe nominations didn’t include “Knocked Up” nor “Superbad” this year, and also wonders if Dewey Cox can out-funny McLovin? He also wants to lose weight next year, but what year doesn’t The Dude on the Right not want to lose weight?

Where’s the Christmas Spirit, and Hoping to See Concerts.


The Dude on the Right

As I waited at the Dude-Pad for the ice storm that the weather folks kept
predicting I kept looking out the window for the storm, then went to the
hardware store because I needed a new humidifier as my trusty Radio Shack
thermometer/hydrometer said I was breathing 27% humidity air, and began trying
to get into the Christmas spirit by getting my Christmas tree up. But even with
my little winter wonderland in my living room (thought not finished yet), and
even with snow on the ground, I’m finding it hard to get into the Christmas
spirit this year because right now that spirit is coming in spurts, like it did
in my last blog.  That’s okay, I suppose, because I’ve always been a
Christmas procrastinator, waiting until the last minute to buy presents,
although today I also got my Sunday newspaper with a pre-printed "Holiday" note
wishing me the best in the holiday season, complete with a self-addressed, but
not stamped, envelope, and wondering if this will finally be the year I tip my
newspaper driver girl, and if so, how much?

And with holiday tipping being a
perplexing quandary, whether it be the newspaper delivery person, the mail
person, the garbage people (and since we’ve got recycling and garbage pick-up do
I have to tip the both of them?), I at least did see a movie over the weekend
that I didn’t like, that being

"The Golden Compass,"
I did get some new
done for the website, I’m halfway through the second DVD of special
features for "Superbad" so that DVD review should be posted this week, I have
some hopes that I’ll be able to cover Jonathon Brandmeier and his Leisure Suits
this week, as well as the teaming up of Rob Zombie and Ozzy Osbourne, and I’ll
also finish my Christmas display to finally give me something to keep me in the
spirit every time I walk by it, at least until after Christmas when I then have
to dread taking down my Christmas crap, I mean spirit.

And I still wonder,
where is my ice storm today?

That’s it for this one! 
I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!

What’s New? A Concert Review of Shaw/Blades.

Even though a car crash delayed The Dude on the Right’s arrival to the concert, and even though it took The Dude an hour to get his car out of valet after the show, he still had a fabulous time during the Shaw/Blades concert portion of his evening, and tells you so in his review. If you are a fan of acoustic guitar and harmonies, The Dude highly recommends you check the boys out, but in the meantime you should read The Dude’s review.