Have You Watched a Concert on TV?

Have You Watched a Concert on TV?

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I was going to wonder about primary elections, but while I’m sitting here on the couch typing things, I have the replay of Pitbull from the South by Southwest conference, or I guess, to be hip, I should just go with SXSW, playing on my Apple TV. As much as it occurs to me that I haven’t been to a concert in a while, do miss them, and maybe should investigate getting back in the swing of them, what occurs to me more is how much fun Pitbull is having. Maybe weird for me, a dude closing in a 50, but I do know most of the songs he’s singing, and watching his concert is kind of weird because things have come a long way in the concert world. No longer is anyone “ashamed” or tentative about using “virtual” duets during their concerts, in fact, Pitbull might just be the poster child, as it also occurred to me that just about every one of his songs is some kind of duet with another pop star, from Christina Aguilera to Kesha (notice I dropped the $, as she wishes), from Shakira to Ne-Yo. During the show he had the “Pitbull Dancers,” and a super-solid backing band, but also during the show, on the giant screen behind him, were the “video” portions of the duets he sings, with the other singers there in spirit, while Pitbull would sing along with them.

It was a great show, makes me really want to go see Pitbull live, even if half of the people who sing with him won’t be with him, at least physically, because, well, if half of the fun Pitbull seems to be having wears off on me, that concert would just be a happy-fest, but as I sit here watching my TV, and Pitbull, I wonder: Have you watched a concert on TV?

That’s it for this one! I’m Andy!! L8R!!!

Are You Fascinated with Christina Aguilera’s Boobies on “The Voice?”

Fine, maybe you can’t stop looking at Adam Levine while watching “The Voice,” after all he is dreamy, but I’m being forced to pay attention to the ever-changing boobs on Christina Aguilera. I say “forced” because I generally do my best not to overtly pay attention to things like boobs and butts when I’m watching TV with my wife, but lately, while we are watching the singing show, she keeps pointing them out and noticing that during this contestant they are nicely pushed up, and then the next contestant I’m forced to notice that they have become saggy and droopy. I try to get analytical with her, saying that since they are in the pre-taped portion of the show maybe the producers don’t necessarily show the contestants in the order they appeared during tryouts, and that the “saggy” times were later in the day, but she can’t help herself, and will even force me to rewind the DVR to pay closer attention.

I’m sure Christina’s ever-changing boobs could be turned into a drinking game – a sip when they are pushed up and a chug when you wonder if it’s time she had a boob-lift, and maybe, when the live shows start, you drink the entire bottle if there is actual nip-slippage, but the thing is we won’t be able to analyze them after this year as it’s been announced that next year Christina and Cee Lo will be replaced by Shakira and Usher. So get that boob-analysis done now because next year they get a little bit smaller with Shakira, and for now now I plight: Are you fascinated with Christina Aguilera’s boobies on “The Voice?”

That’s it for this plight! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!