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A Concert Review

October 29, 2000

The Vic Theatre

Chicago, IL

A Review and Photos by
The Dude on the Right
There are some shows that most of the people, well, maybe not most of, but some of them, that I know, are shocked that I enjoy. I would have to say that at the top of that list is GWAR. Itís been a few years since Iíve seen GWAR, that last time being back in 1994. Alright, itís been more than a few years but that experience always stuck with me and it was with great anticipation that I grabbed the Dude on the Left and we headed to The Vic in Chicago to catch the return of GWAR. This time was kinda different, this time was kinda the same, and this time I think they may have hit a new low. It was so cool.

The last time I saw GWAR the show centered around a wrestling match. This time, being topical, and The Dude on the Left called it as we were waiting to go in, he guessed some political talk would be in order. And in order it was. Opening with "George W. Bush" and "Al Gore" trying to sway some votes, it was Sleazy P. Martini who made the most sense as "Bush" and "Goreís" heads got blown off and Sleazy P threw his hat into the political ring with Sexecutioner as Sleazyís running mate. Those of you who know nothing about GWAR are probably saying "What? I thought this was a band?", but GWAR-heads know what itís all about, and itís all about metal opera at itís, hmm, goriest. And so this night was about politics.

Aliens wanted to rule, GWAR wouldnít let them, the crap-a-pult came out as Oderus asked if the crowd wanted "poo poo all over you", the crowd cheered, and Oderus stood there in wonder saying "Why would you want that?", but of course he did nothing to stop the launching of white turds on the crowd. The show also featured Pookie the Wonder Dog, a giant penguin, and a final battle scene of killer robots, aliens, GWAR members, and, well, with so much going on I lost track of who won and lost, but the crowd basked in the blood spewing from the corpses, soaking up every last drop. And if that werenít enough, and you donít find the thought of aliens getting their heads blown off and spewing alien blood all over the crowd, nor the lack of respect for our Presidential candidates, then just let me mention the rotting corpse of Jean Benet Ramsey.

And, oh yea, there was music, and pretty damn good music if you like the heavy/thrash/punk mix of metal. Oderus led the mutants through about an hour of a half of in-your-face metal with guitar solos wailing, the crowd singing along, and somehow this band with the most bizarre stage show can still kick-ass musically and still interact with everything going on around them.

Yes, GWAR is not for the squeamish nor the faint at heart nor for those who think the entertainment industry is the reason for the downfall of humanity. You people just stay home. But if you can appreciate probably the most bizarre form of metal concert the world has to offer, GWAR might just be for you.

I will say that this GWAR show didnít have the continuity of the first show I saw, I think mostly because it was easier to wrap the concert around the wrestling match like they did in Ď96, but I was still thoroughly entertained, remembered my appreciate for good thrash punk/metal, and even felt a little dirty enjoying the entertainment and carnage I had just witnessed. It was GWAR and itís TWO "You Didnít Think They Could Disgust You Any More UntilÖ" THUMBS UP!

Thatís it for this one! Iím The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!


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