Where’s the Christmas Spirit, and Hoping to See Concerts.


The Dude on the Right

As I waited at the Dude-Pad for the ice storm that the weather folks kept
predicting I kept looking out the window for the storm, then went to the
hardware store because I needed a new humidifier as my trusty Radio Shack
thermometer/hydrometer said I was breathing 27% humidity air, and began trying
to get into the Christmas spirit by getting my Christmas tree up. But even with
my little winter wonderland in my living room (thought not finished yet), and
even with snow on the ground, I’m finding it hard to get into the Christmas
spirit this year because right now that spirit is coming in spurts, like it did
in my last blog.  That’s okay, I suppose, because I’ve always been a
Christmas procrastinator, waiting until the last minute to buy presents,
although today I also got my Sunday newspaper with a pre-printed "Holiday" note
wishing me the best in the holiday season, complete with a self-addressed, but
not stamped, envelope, and wondering if this will finally be the year I tip my
newspaper driver girl, and if so, how much?

And with holiday tipping being a
perplexing quandary, whether it be the newspaper delivery person, the mail
person, the garbage people (and since we’ve got recycling and garbage pick-up do
I have to tip the both of them?), I at least did see a movie over the weekend
that I didn’t like, that being

"The Golden Compass,"
I did get some new
done for the website, I’m halfway through the second DVD of special
features for "Superbad" so that DVD review should be posted this week, I have
some hopes that I’ll be able to cover Jonathon Brandmeier and his Leisure Suits
this week, as well as the teaming up of Rob Zombie and Ozzy Osbourne, and I’ll
also finish my Christmas display to finally give me something to keep me in the
spirit every time I walk by it, at least until after Christmas when I then have
to dread taking down my Christmas crap, I mean spirit.

And I still wonder,
where is my ice storm today?

That’s it for this one! 
I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!

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Even though a car crash delayed The Dude on the Right’s arrival to the concert, and even though it took The Dude an hour to get his car out of valet after the show, he still had a fabulous time during the Shaw/Blades concert portion of his evening, and tells you so in his review. If you are a fan of acoustic guitar and harmonies, The Dude highly recommends you check the boys out, but in the meantime you should read The Dude’s review.

149,999 Garth Brooks’ Fans Probably Missed Fantastic.


The Dude on the Right

Well my getting back to seeing concerts has gotten off to a shaky start. First
my going to see Jonathon Brandmeier was derailed by some bad tacos, then I lost
my ticket for seeing Garth Brooks on a movie screen, but at least seeing
Shaw/Blades last night went swimmingly great (other then the fiasco after the
show thanks to the valet parking people), but if all goes well my review of
Shaw/Blades should be posted tomorrow, along with an explanation of said fiasco.

Right now, though, as bummed as I was at missing Garth on the movie theater,
this afternoon, after I got back home after seeing "No
Country for Old Men,
" it’s probably better that I lost my ticket. Why?
Because rather than just feeling that I set a lighter to a ten dollar bill, had
I gone to the Garth Brooks’ movie show my concert review might have started
something like "I used to be a huge fan of Garth Brooks, but now I’m just a
pissed-off fan. Here’s why…"

"Why" would have been because from the news reports, and the message boards,
during the final show in Kansas City that was broadcast at the theaters, after
about an hour and a half Garth played "The Dance," the simulcast ended, and the
folks in the movie theaters around the country were sent home, yet Garth Brooks
was still playing songs in Kansas City, for what one news story said was about
45 minutes more, which, as a fan of music, a fan of concerts, and a fan of
Garth, would actually have been the 45 minutes I would have wanted to see. He
still did some songs we know, but it’s when he does non-Garth songs, and an
impromptu "Happy Birthday," those are the things fans dream about seeing.

Looking back, on the memory of, oh, wait, I guess I got caught up in the
moment of Garth, but there was nothing in the press release I read that said
anything about "You will get to see most of the last Garth Brooks’ concert if
you spend your ten bucks to see him on a movie screen, but if you want to see
the entire show maybe you should make your way to Kansas City because there will
probably be some scalpers selling tickets for the show." The only thing I can
guess is the Garth Brooks’ machine was worried about people trying to bootleg
the entire concert in the theaters, what with internet piracy and all, but if
Garth puts out a DVD of the Kansas City shows, with everything he played (or at
least some of the medleys), I would almost bet my townhouse that it will hit the
internet before it’s actually released.

The press release also mentioned that more than 150,000 people would be
seeing the show via the movie theater, and I don’t know if that number was
accurate after the fact, nor how the $1.5 millionish gets divvied up, but the
almost odd thing is that Garth fans have been so jonsen for anything live from
Garth Brooks that they (the movie screen concert folks) don’t seem to care much
that they missed the last 45ish minutes of the show (my calculation is that each
person at the theater was gypped a little over three bucks), and they also
missed what actually sounds like the coolest part of the concert. I only get
this indifference from the message boards where I read postings from people who
went to the movie theater shows being disappointed at not seeing the entire
show, but they were just happy to see Garth live.

Me, I would have just been pissed.  And yes, happy to see Garth live.

Luckily for Garth I can’t return my already opened CD/DVD set of "The
Ultimate Hits,
" and I pretty much set a torch to my ticket (by losing it)
without seeing him on the big screen, but it does make me sad that folks who
went to the movie theater only really saw two-thirds of Garth.

I didn’t mean for this blog to get this long, but even though I didn’t make
it to my movie theater because of my own boneheadedness, a whole lot of people
did and missed Garth going from "stiff" to an ending that sounded fantastic. If
the 150,000 count of movie people is accurate, at least 149,999 people missed

That’s it for this one! 
I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!

November 2007 Might Get Me Back to Concerts.


The Dude on the Right

Maybe it was my excitement of getting a ticket to see

Garth Brooks
at my local movie theater, or maybe it’s just because I need to
finally get out of my "not reviewing concerts" funk, or maybe I just need to get
the fuck out the dude-pad and quit watching TV, or maybe I need to get back with
the concert going people, but as look back with regret at all of the concerts
I’ve missed for the year, the end of October and most of November finally might
get me off of my ass to review some concerts in Chicagoland.  There are a
ton of shows I would like to see, oddly most not legendary (Neil Young and

John Fogerty
aside), but shows I know have the potential for something great

Kid Rock
at the Aragon Brawlroom, I mean Aragon Ballroom, or

Sammy Hagar
at the "way-to-nice-although-George
-played there too" Rialto Square Theatre in Joliet, IL.  If I
can pull it off quick enough I would like to see "Augustana" at the House of
Blues to close October, and as much as I love Marc Cohn, I’ve never seen Kelly
Clarkson and always wanted to, and she’s at the Chicago Theater next week. 
A Saturday tosses a decision of shooting for radio dude

Jonathon Brandmeier
in a crazy Sundance Saloon v. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus at
a not so crazy Vic Theatre, and then, if I can’t get a chance to see Garth
Brooks live and in the flesh early in his 9 show stint in Kansas City, I’m sure
Stu Gotz would like to see

Tori Amos
wiggling on her piano stool at the Auditorium Theatre.

that’s only half of November.

Continuing, as much as I would like to see Gary
Allan opening up for Keith Urban at the Allstate Arena, I’m thinking I’ll like
(that’s Tommy Shaw from

and other bands, and Jack Blades from Night Ranger and other bands)
show at Joe’s on Weed Street a hell of a lot better if I can get there early
enough to get a spot at the front of the stage for photo purposes.  Then
there is Vanessa Carlton at the perfect Park West, and even though she has a new
album out I would like to see her play "White Houses" (even though Steve Dahl in
Chicago at WCKG couldn’t seem to get a line in the song right when it came out),
but the Thanksgiving holiday might throw a monkey wrench into my seeing  "The
Swell Season,
" the group of musicians from the movie "Once"
whom I’ve come to love lately.

As October comes to a close I’m guessing I’ll
miss "Hall
& Oates
" at The Vic due to a reunion weekend, but as December hits, on the
1st, a new dilemma comes:  Shoot for

Billy Joel
at the Sears Center in Hoffman Estates or stake my spot at the
reunion dinner.

The end of October, all of November, and the beginning of
December have so many choices.  I suppose I just better get off of my ass
and make some, choices that is.  And quit watching so much damn TV.

That’s it for this one! 
I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!

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For this podcast of “Stu & The Dude’s Weekend Wrap-Up!”, don’t believe the title about Stu Gotz doing Jewel, he only went to see Jewel in concert thanks to Mama Gotz. Stu, also, didn’t enjoy the lovely weekend weather in Chicagoland, instead he forgot “Sweetest Day” and walkthrough’d his MySims game. The Dude on the Right, though, got out of his mourning the loss of the Cleveland Indians and into his afternoon by talking about the Chicago Bears win. The Dude also tells Stu about some movies he saw, and dreams of being on “Wheel of Fortune.” The Dude’s dreams don’t reach that high sometimes.

I’ve Got a Ticket for Garth Brooks!


The Dude on the Right

I can’t believe it!  After all of these years I am going to see him in
concert again!  No, it’s not Bruce Springsteen (he wanted almost a hundred
bucks for his concert tickets), nor

Rick Springfield
.  No, it’s not

Neil Diamond
, nor is it

Wayne Newton
(thankfully he’s finally off "Dancing With the Stars.") 
And no, it’s not even

Roger Waters

I’m going to see the one and only

Garth Brooks
, in concert, at the Kerasotes ShowPlace 16, in Naperville,
IL.  And StubHub be damned, it’s only costing me eleven bucks (damn
Fandango fee)!

Yup, there it was, Friday morning, and as I was getting ready
to see "The
" I remembered tickets for Garth were going on sale that morning. 
So I fired up my computer, headed to the Garth Brooks website, clicked on the
link to buy tickets, and they kept sending me to the Fathom Events’ site which
was obviously overloaded, and it was just like trying to get home opener tickets
for the Chicago Cubs – I kept getting denied any access.  Then it occurred
to me, and I headed to the Fandango website, and sure enough, with minutes I had
it:  My receipt that I would have a ticket to see the man, the myth, the
legend, the dude who won’t tour until his kids are grown – Garth Brooks.

it only cost me eleven bucks (ten bucks for the ticket, one buck for the
Fandango folks)!

Okay, sure, I’ll be in Naperville, IL., during a concert that
is actually taking place in Kansas City, MO., but the ten dollar cost actually
got my investigative interest up, namely what will it be like to attend a
"concert" at my local gigaplex?  I know they don’t serve beer at my local
movie theater so I’m guessing there won’t be an issue of the dude behind me
dumping his beer down the back of my shirt.  I know you can’t smoke, but I
also wonder if the smell of some wacky-weed might permeate the air at times?  
Will people be using their cell phones as "lighters" during some of the
reflective songs?  Will I be able to use my iPhone to take a picture of the

The other thing that I really wonder is if there is a "secondary"
demand for tickets to see Garth Brooks at a movie theater.  After I figured
out the Fandango option, and got my single ticket, I wondered if I should have
bought the maximum allowed, maybe even "invested" money across these United
States, to buy as many tickets for a Garth Brooks concert at a movie theater,
and then simply tried to double my money.  Could I have used Craigslist,
eBay, StubHub, or any other of the many places to post tickets for sale, and
then made a little more money on the handling part of the "shipping and
handling" of the transaction?  But no, I was too lazy, hell, I didn’t even
ask any of my friends who are Garth Brooks fans if they wanted to go, so if I
can get my ass out the door, on November 14th, I’m going to see Garth Brooks on
my movie screen.

And now all I can really think is "Can Garth Brooks actually
put on a concert to excite a group of people watching him at a movie theater?" 
If he can Garth might go down as the best entertainer, ever, otherwise I’ll just
be kind of pissed that I didn’t stay at home and watch "Bionic Woman."

Now all I’ve got to do is figure out how to see him live, in Kansas City, MO.

That’s it for this one! 
I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!

Garth Brooks Still Isn’t Touring, but He Might be at Your Movie Theater (sort of).


The Dude on the Right

I can’t believe I wasn’t paying attention on this, but over the weekend
Garth Brooks has so far
lived up to his promise of not touring, yet did sell out nine shows in November
in the musical mecca that is Kansas City, MO.  He’s opening up the new
Sprint Center in good ol’ K.C., and had I been paying attention I almost might
have tried to get a couple of tickets and make the 7 hour and 43 minute trip
(according to Google Maps) to catch the show.  But, alas, I wasn’t paying
attention, and he pretty much has sold out all nine dates in like 5 minutes
(okay, a little longer than that, but it was Hannah Montana quick).

Now none
of that sounds that weird, I guess he already made a previous commitment to do a
concert or nine there, but the interesting announcement was made a few days
later, at the official opening of the Sprint Center, where Garth announced one
of the shows would be simulcast to movie theaters across the United States. 
Most likely it will be handled by
Fathom Events, since
this is already what they do, and they have a quick blurb on their website
announcing it, but no specifics are set yet.  The thing is, other than not
actually being at the live event, squinting to see Garth on stage from a million
miles away where you find yourself, a lot of the times, just watching the giant
video screens anyway, might it be almost just as cool to see him on your movie
screen where if you take a picture with your camera phone you might just get a
decent picture of Garth?  Okay, fine, I don’t think so either, but if he
still has that kind of demand for live concert tickets, it will be damn
interesting to see the demand to see him on the big screen, and how will the
ticket scalpers handle that?

And you thought getting tickets for a venue that
holds 18,000+ difficult.

For a lot of you Garth fans, seeing him at your local
gigaplex might be your only chance to "see" Garth Brooks, live in concert, at
least until his kids are grown, unless, of course, he has so much fun in Kansas
City that he decides to take his kids on what might be the most exciting "see
the world" experience of their lives.  If not, well, hopefully you can
still get free refills on that bucket o’ popcorn when you see him on the big
screen, if you can actually get a ticket.

That’s it for this one! 
I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!

Garth Brooks Probably Isn’t Touring, and I Missed Dreaming of Boobs.


The Dude on the Right

first I was going to blog about going to see the Chicago Cubs play yesterday,
how it was cool to see the flyovers because the Air & Water Show is in town, and
how my friends and I were actually on TV during the broadcast. But partially
since I haven’t been able to dub the video yet as proof we were on TV, but more
because I sort of feel duped, or at least stupid, so I thought I would write a
little about Garth Brooks.

You might be thinking something right now like
"Garth Brooks?  Isn’t he retired?" to which I would reply, "So I thought,"
but it started last night, when I finally got home from the Cubs’ game and
checked my Google homepage.  It has some links to RSS feeds I read, and one
was from the

Cleveland Plain Dealer
mentioning Garth preparing a comeback, "a new
three-disc album, and, quite possibly, a concert tour."  It mentioned a
press conference at
this morning.  So I go to the web site and sure
enough, there is a header stating "You’ve heard the rumors, now get the answers. 
Straight from Garth Brooks."

For whatever reason I totally bought into a
blurb, in a blog, from a newspaper in Cleveland, OH, and quickly posted an entry
at our sister-site,
rumoring about a tour.  Then I went to bed with
visions of Garth putting out an unprecedented release of new material, going
back on tour, and dragging our staff member Trash to

another concert and press conference
where she can stare at his butt.

I woke up this morning, didn’t get myself a gun, but I did do some more internet
searching wondering about this wondrous announcement.  I checked Billboard,
checked CMT, checked here and there and everywhere, but there didn’t seem to be
any "surprise" announcements.  And as my morning was progressing I had two
options:  Sit around and wait for Garth’s press conference, supposedly to
be carried online, at 11:45AM my time, or go and see
Thank God I went to see "Superbad."

After laughing a lot in the theater I got
back home, eager to see news of the press conference on the Garth Brooks web
site.  Nothing, it still just showed the announcement of a press conference
(figured they would at least have a replay link somewhere).  No headlines
on Yahoo, nothing new on Google, then I went to the
planetgarth.com site to
see if they had anything, but there wasn’t any new news on their homepage,
either.  I remembered they had a forum area, surely something has to be
listed there, and finally I found out that Garth Brooks squashed most of the
visions that were dancing in my head the night before.

Now, although the
Cleveland newspaper blog wasn’t exactly wrong, from what I have found out Garth
will be releasing a "box" set called "The Ultimate Hits" which will include 30
old songs you probably own, and four new songs, with the first single being
"More Than a Memory."  The box will also include a DVD featuring 33 videos
of the 34 songs in the box.  Garth said he doesn’t plan on touring but will
promoting the bejesus out of the thing, and from what most of the Planet Garth
posted said, Garth is looking hot as ever, looking to have lost a good deal of

With the news announcement, and being selfish I will put this out to

Dear Garth,
I know you are loving spending time with your daughters, and with Trisha, but if
you ever wanted to tour, and give your girls an experience of their lifetime,
you may not have a better time than now.  Right now your daughters are at
that age when you still have a little bit of control, and if you took them on
tour with you, especially with a double bill with Trisha, you could pull off
that world tour that lets them see the world, in ways they could never imagine,
all under the protective watch of their Dad.  They get to see the world, we
get to see, again, one of the greatest concert performers of all time, your
daughters get to spend your money buying lots of stuff around the world (oh,
wait, scratch that last remark), and they get introduced to some of the safer
ways to experience the world rather than finding out, in their late teens or
early twenties, their ways to experience the world.  Yes, this is sort of
selfish of me, because I would love to see you in concert again, but I’m just
throwing it out there for you, because unlike the McGraw kids, your daughters
are old enough to forever remember a tour with you.
The Dude on the Right

P.S.  I’ll still buy "The Ultimate Hits," because
I’m a fan, but damn, I miss you man.

And so, letter to Garth aside, I feel
bummed that I let myself get roped into the wind of internet rumor, about a
tour, and 30 new songs.  I should have done a little bit more internet
searching before going to bed last night so that visions of the girl with nice
boobs behind me at the Cubs’ game danced in my head rather than that vision of
Garth touring, but then again, at a Garth concert, there are lots of girls with
nice boobs.  Garth, please give me a three disc set of new material (I’ve
got some songs if you want) and a new tour, rather than a box set of old stuff,
and only four things that are new.  You know what, as I think about it,
never mind – I don’t have daughters and I don’t have a wife – I guess I can’t
understand.  Wait a minute, that’s a country song, and it’s mine, unless,
Garth, you want …

That’s it for this one! 
I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!

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