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May 20, 2000

The New World
Music Theatre

Tinley Park, IL

A Review by
Big Cooter &
The Dude on the Right
Photos by
The Dude on the Right
Big Cooter
Opening the second stage (which in retrospect probably turned out to be the more fun of the two stages of bands) was The Suicide Machines. A band hailing from Detroit, with no fear in displaying any paraphernalia, they seemed to truly only want to wow a semi-quiet starting crowd. These guys played their 30-minute set to perfection by invoking the crowd's desire to dance and stir-up some action. Being unfamiliar to me in terms of the tunes that they played, they induced the crowd to dance and mosh (pretty commonplace on the second stage) by playing songs that most everyone, besides me, knew. In actuality this band played a little over their allotted thirty minute set, not that anyone minded.

The Dude on the Right
As has happened in the past, the second stage at a Jamboree is many times the place to be. You've got the mosh pit, you've got the body surfing, and you get the bands that know how to connect with their audience.

This year you had a second stage that had part of it jutting out, as someone around me described, as a limp dick, kinda going for that MTV spring break look. Anyway, here came The Suicide Machines. I've got two words for you about these guys - Kick Ass! Sure, I've only got three songs to formulate an opinion about most bands at Jamboree, but here was a band that knew how to work a stage, knew how to connect with a crowd that knew their songs or not, and just knew how to really kick-off a Jamboree. They definitely are on my list of bands to see again.

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