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May 20, 2000

The New World
Music Theatre

Tinley Park, IL

A Review by
Big Cooter &
The Dude on the Right
Photos by
The Dude on the Right
Big Cooter:
Third Eye Blind happened to be a pretty good setup for working to wrap-up the night. They had the popularity and familiarity of their latest songs to keep everyone in the crowd singing along and staying in their seats prior to the Bosstones closing the second stage. Me, on the other hand, I did grab The Dude on the Left and, well, left a little early to get a good spot for the Bosstones on the second stage. So, yea, I missed the end of Third Eye Blind, but from the crowd reaction that I heard I think they faired pretty well.

The Dude on the Right:
Maybe I needed to watch more of them, but from the three songs I saw of Third Eye Blind I can't figure out their appeal as a live act. Sure, the music on the radio is catchy, I sing along, hell, even my accountant's kids sing along (although my accountant was a little shocked to hear that "Semi Charmed…" is a lot about sex and drugs). But as I watched the band on stage I was just un-impressed.  Then again maybe I was just tired. Nonetheless, they did their best in their allotted 70 minutes to do the things the crowd wanted - they posed, they looked good, and they sang the songs the crowd was looking for. Not much more needs to be said about Third Eye Blind. Maybe I'll need to see them at a full-blown show.

I was a little disappointed in Big Cooter blowing off one of the headliners to get a good spot for the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, but then I found out why… 

The Bands

The Main Stage The Second Stage
Long Beach Dub Allstars
The Bloodhound Gang
Third Eye Blind
The Suicide Machines
Eve 6
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones


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