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A Concert Review
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May 20, 2000

The New World
Music Theatre

Tinley Park, IL

A Review by
Big Cooter &
The Dude on the Right
Photos by
The Dude on the Right
Big Cooter:
Back on the front stage, main for anyone not hip to the Q101 format of concert presentation, The Bloodhound Gang was setting up for their performance. Setting up is truly an understatement for the show that these guys were about to put on. Given that The Suicide Machines were over their allotted time by about 5 minutes, The Bloodhound Gang gave way just enough to allow the hardcore types (like myself and The Dude on the Left) to make our way back to the pavilion for their performance. From start to finish these guy put on a show that must be seen by one's own eyes. They brought out a Disneyesque Pacman creature that tempted everyone to do one or more drugs while the band, of course, denounced the drug induced pressure that the big yeller creature was trying to push upon the mostly teenage looking crowd. Hell, the damned Pacman called all of us pussies (which I am sure The Dude on the Right will edit out).

At any rate, The Bloodhound Gang, whom I've seen a couple of time before, did a whale of a job impressing me. I fully expected these guys to put on some cheeseball affair that they could easily attribute to the commonality of the song that they put on. Yet, between the Pacman, bringing up a bunch of folks from the lawn, sending their bassist out to the lawn to body surf his way across the limp-wristed lawn (I tell ya most of those chicks just wanted a shot at touching his johnson), and the monkey folks that came out on stage to dance to their pop song (that Discovery Channel song), there was fun to be had by all. Oh, by the by, I think I forgot to mention the chick that thought she could drink 24 cans of piss-warm Dr. Pecker (err make that Pepper) for a hundred bucks. I am pretty sure she only got through 4 of them before the crazed crowd from the lawn, which was invited by the way, tried storming the stage.
And speaking of the crowd, believe it or not, shortly after their bassist had lost his shirt up in the lawn crowd, the ballsy band members decided it wise to bring a few hundred (relatively sober, damned beer sales not being until 3pm) crowd members up to the stage for a rendition of their "The Roof is on Fire" song. This turned out to be a bad deal for the stage hand security. Surprisingly enough, the security guards, let me rephrase that, more like one security guard, kept back about 75 folks all with a burning desire to make asses of themselves up on stage with the band. And I wasn't even one of them! Then again, they were no worse for wear than the young lady that stuck around when the band asked specifically for young ladies during their goofy disco dance "Discovery Channel" song (alright I know that's not its name but hey, beer sales were open by now), and she ended up getting a bit felt up by the lead singer dude. Jealousy doesn't even describe my feelings, then again, beer sales were just opened, or didn't I mention that??? The Dude on the Left and I were now on a mission and music wasn't it's name.

The Dude on the Right:
Hey, Big Cooter, write enough? I even let you keep your comment. In any case, I'll keep this short and say that The Bloodhound Gang topped the list of entertaining bands, as well as troublemakers. But what would a Jamboree be without any troublemakers! And, oh yea, I can't believe Big Cooter didn't mention these three words: "Fire! Fire! Fire!"  And, oh yea, you've gotta love a band that calls their album "Hooray for Boobies."

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Long Beach Dub Allstars
The Bloodhound Gang
Third Eye Blind
The Suicide Machines
Eve 6
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones


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