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with Korn and God Lives Underwater

A Concert Review

October 6, 1995

The Aragon Ballroom

Chicago, IL

A Review by
The Dude on the Left &
The Dude on the Right
Editor's Note:  A quick note for those in computer-land: Kinda keep in mind when reading this archived review that as well as for the general public in the world, they were written for the IIT student body. Hence, references to places you may have never heard about (like The Bog). Enjoy!

The Dude on the Right
Let's see if by the appropriate time you can figure out the theme of today's article. However, during that, travels far and wide, well not really that far, and not really that wide, brought us to see four bands (Go to the Bog on Thursday!) in the span of a week. There's last Thursday's Bog band, Wax Lips, and (Go to the Bog on Thursday!) the likes of KMFDM, Korn, and God Lives Underwater, all of whom were at the Aragon (Go to the Bog on Thursday!) Ballroom a week ago Friday. Let's start at the brawlroom.

KMFDM is kool, Korn is kool, and God Lives Underwater. Well (Go to the Bog on Thursday!), I don't know if God live underwater, but who's to say he doesn't? But, I digressed. The evening brought the return of one of my new- found (Go to the Bog on Thursday!) favorite bands, KMFDM, who I saw last (Go to the Bog on Thursday!) year at the Metro. All I can say is please, please, please go back to the Metro, maybe the Riviera, let's destroy the new Rosemont Theatre with a band that would bring it to the ground, but don't (Go to the Bog on Thursday!) ever go back to the Aragon Ballroom. I wrote down at least six times that I thought the acoustics sucked, which (Go to the Bog on Thursday!) did not make for a good evening for anyone involved. And that was a shame.

For the industrial (Go to the Bog on Thursday!) music of KMFDM, highlighted (Go to the Bog on Thursday!) by some of the best heart-pounding bass out there, playing at the Ballroom was like playing in a big cave, with (Go to the Bog on Thursday!) the reverberating bass killing any other sound coming from the band. The thing that really drew me to this band in the first place was the presence of real guitar work, mixed with a synthesized sound that wouldn't stop. But this (Go to the Bog on Thursday!) time, I could only hear the guitar work maybe once or twice, and the vocals were just about non-existent.

As much as I like this band, hearing the crowd say as we left that this was one of the worst KMFDM shows they have seen, I have to (Go to the Bog on Thursday!) agree even though it's only my second. So, I have no choice but for a SHRUG. The crowd couldn't get into it because of the sound, and the band responded with a little more lackluster performance than last year. So as I eagarly await a new KMFDM album, I have to hope that maybe next time will be better, and maybe next time we'll actually have some photos again. It seems our photographer got shut out - no pass, no photos. He was bummed.

Opening for KMFDM was Korn. With not as pounding a sound, the crowd seemed to be able to enjoy Korn more than KMFDM. The body surfers (Go to the Bog on Thursday!) were out in force, the bands psychotic energy turned up the energy of the crowd, and the lead singer dude even brought out the bagpipes playing a song that is still driving me crazy because I can't remember it. Korn gets ONE THUMB UP from me! It was kool, though, and the crowd loved these guys who kinda reminded me of Rage Against the Machine, or maybe Rage (Go to the Bog on Thursday!) sounds like them, but I guess since I heard Rage first, for me they sound a little like Rage Against the Machine.

Opening for them was God Lives Underwater, who weren't bad, but didn't thrill me none. With no bass player, and pre-programmed (Go to the Bog on Thursday!) music up the wazoo, they were good but nothing special. It's a SHRUG for God Live Underwater.

Finally to the Bog show last Thursday. Have you figured out the theme yet. Well, if you are that stupid, it's to show up to the Bog this Thursday. Wax Lips held a private showing for the 15-ish people in the Bog, which is too bad because even though this band is comprised of a bunch of white guys with an African-American singer, they are no Hootie and the Blowfish, they are maybe a little better (especially on the R&B side and the fact that they have a killer horn section). They played many songs off their two CD's, with some covers thrown in, and even some of that Hootie, although it kinda sounded like they were on drugs or something (it was way slowed down!). But I really like this band, and if you had shown up you might even have been able to figure out who we are. But anyway, I'm giving Wax Lips TWO THUMBS UP! Any band that can still play for so few people and still put forth all the energy they always have gets me up!

So, go to the Bog this Thursday, where one of IIT's favoritist bands it returning, Rhodes and Craven. These guys rock, kick ass, and you sure shouldn't have that much homework yet. Get off the Internet and see some human beings for a change, well, that is unless of course you're checking out our pages then stay home, but only if you're doing that.

And that wraps it up for me this week! With the OJ coverage gone, (he's free!!, he's free!!), I now have to find another excuse for missing class - anyone got any good ones? Also, don't forget to mail us you comments about the new Bog. In any case, go to the Bog and have fun for a change. Just remember S.H.IIT, which for you older people stands for So Happy It Is Thursday!. Party Smart, and as always, Rellim Reeb, Rellim Reeb!!!!!

The Dude on the Left
Two weeks in a row! Impressive, isn't it? Maybe we'll be able to keep this up for a while. So then, on to the reviews.

Last Friday, KMFDM, Korn, and God Lives Underwater came to the Aragon Ballroom. Before I start my review, I first must say again that I don't particularly like the Aragon, but you take your concerts as you can get them.

So, first to play was God Live Underwater. As the members of the band stepped on stage and I saw the instruments they picked up, I couldn't help but notice that there was no bass player. Now, I've heard of Stompbox playing without a singer, but a band without a bass player I have not seen yet.

God Lives Underwater got away with this by using a synthesizer which must have all the songs programmed into it. Not only did this synthesizer have the bass part, but it also played a weird computer type sound which differed from song to song (kind of like NIN). There were two guitar players, a singer, and a drummer. The singer didn't move around at all through the whole show. He just stood there in front of the microphone and hung his head down when he wasn't singing. This is not a good way to get a crowd into your music. The singer also had so many effects on his voice it was ridiculous. I have to say, though, that I actually like the music. After they left the stage some guys went through the crowd and handed out demo tapes of the band. I went to snag one just as he ran out. However, I managed to find one lying on the floor later on and after playing it at home, I must say I like it. However, I have to give God Lives Underwater One Thumb Down for their performance. The music is only part of the show.

Korn's performance was the complete opposite of God Lives Underwater's. Korn played with the most energy I have ever seen any band play with. Everyone was jumping around the stage, especially the singer. I just stood there in awe of the band. The music was hard and perfect for moshing, which is what the crowd did. That was the best mosh pit I have seen in a long time. I regret that I didn't jump in.

Korn played the only song I have ever heard of theirs called "Blind" which I was happy to hear. I don't know what else I can say about this performance. I think you get the picture. I give Korn TWO BIG THUMBS UP! Good music, great performance, amazing mosh.

When KMFDM came on sate I was amazed that the crowd wasn't as nearly into it as they were for Korn.

KMFDM opened with "Flesh" off of NIHIL. This song quickly showed the inadequacy of the PA system. The constant bass tones muffled and distorted everything else. I don't know who to blame for this - the Aragon or the band. Not only that, but you could hardly hear the girl singing in the background. That reminds me, WAS THAT GUY WEARING A SKIRT? I swear that one of the guys in the band was wearing a really short skirt. It frightens me just thinking about it. Anyway, I was impressed by the bands choice in guitar players. A couple of them had solos and were good. The band went on to play "Juke Joint Jezebel," "Brute," and "Disobedience." I felt sorry for the poor roady who had to keep running on stage to pick up the mic and stand that the singer kept throwing around.

I was very disappointed in the performance. I have to give KMFDM One Thumb Down. This was definitely not a show to be proud of.

The Bog band this week was Wax Lips. for such a good band, there was nobody in the Bog. For the first hour there was maybe ten people there. Do you think the school realized that nobody like the Bog anymore? Enough of that, back to the band. These guys are good. It is about time there was a band with some talent in the Bog. I was afraid the bands were going to suck all year. Wax Lips has some horns (if you consider a trumpet and two saxophones horns), and a great singer. Once again, the guy at the sound board didn't seem to know what he was doing because the singer had trouble all night with feedback from his monitor. Anyway, the band played some R&B type stuff along with some covers. I think the band should have stuck with originals because the covers didn't seem to be their style. I give Wax Lips TWO THUMBS UP, even though a lot more people in the Bog would have made it a much better show and more enjoyable for everyone.

That's all for now. You've been a great audience. Remember to tip your waitresses. Goodnight! C.U.Next Thursday in the Bog!


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