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A Concert Review

March 16, 2000

The Allstate Arena

Rosemont, IL

A Review & Photos by
The Dude on the Right
This is a tough review to write because of all of the times I have seen Korn, this show had to have the least amount of energy that I can recall. Not that itís a bad thing, and maybe there are underlying reasons for it, but Jonathan and the boys just werenít as explosive as I remember. Now, before you start sending me your hate e-mail, how I suck as a reviewer, how Korn is the greatest band in the world, and how I should die, well, please finish reading this review, and then you can send all of the hate e-mail you like if you still want to.

So, it was Korn on their "Sick and Twisted" tour, with replacement drummer Mike Bordin filling in for David Silveria whoís out sportiní a busted flipper. The curtains opened to reveal one of the bitchinest sets I have seen in a long time, a cathedral/great room motif complete with giant chandelier, video screens integrated into the glass domes, choir pits filled with fans, and flaming foot-lights. Jonathan led the boys through a set of songs picked via the internet, the crowd began their sing-a-longs, and it was, at least for me, a weird experience instead of exhilarating.

Song-wise, you had the radio standards, as you might expect, but with the internet voting this seemed to be a show for the fans to enjoy, and thatís what Korn has been great at doing all along. But the weird thing for me was seeing the energy kind of ride this twisted wave up and down, both from the band as well as the crowd. There were times that Munky, Head, and Fieldy just stood their ground, still sounding great but without the energy action, and Jonathan not his bombastic self. And the crowd responded with a lulled mosh-pit, few body-surfers, and just kind of watching the show. But just when I thought things were getting, well, kind of lame, at least by past Korn standards, they blast into a song like "Faget", the band goes crazy, the pit kicks in, and itís the Korn I remember.

Another weird thing which turned kind of cool but took too long Ė the intermission time. The band leaves the stage, leaving the crowd in a kind of "Huh?" mode, and a little time later the video cameras make it to the backstage area where David apologizes for not being able to play. It was cool to do, and maybe it was a little spur of the moment so it took too long to set up, but it brought a definite stop to the action. But the stop didnít last long as Jonathan brought out the bagpipes, rising on a 10-ish foot platform (I wonder if heís afraid of heights?), for the "Shoots and Ladders" sing-a-long. It brought the crowd back, but the break just seemed surreal.

So youíre probably thinking I didnít like the show, but thatís not really the case although Iíve seen Korn do better. Iím giving the band a break because it was the first show with Mike filling in. He did a great job, but, and this is just my theory, I think the boys of the band were just a little tentative without the familiarity of having David blasting out the rhythm behind them. Just my theory, but in any case, as the shows progress, I see the band being able to feed off the drummer and him off of them and usual.

Sound-wise Jonathan never sounded better. His vocals were crisp and clear. Music-wise, Munky, Fieldy, and Head still put out some of the best blasting sound Iíve heard, but energy-wise some things just lacked. At least I thought so. But, Iím leaving the show and I hear comments like "That show kicked-ass," "Fuckiní awesome," and much screaming and yelling ensued in the parking lot as fans made their way back to their cars. What do I know?

Itís TWO "THATíS A BIG-ASS OVERSTUFFED DOLL" THUMBS UP! I might have thought the show a little lower-key than normal, but the crowd still seemed to love it. Theyíre who matters, and Korn still cares.

Thatís it for this one! Iím The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!


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