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A Concert Review

May 30, 1995

The Metro

Chicago, IL

A Review by
The Dude on the Right
Strangely enough, in all of my musical travels, I have never been to a show in a confined venue with a real mosh-pit - until now.

On a gorgeous Tuesday night, for the second of three sold out shows at the Metro, I experienced a band called KMFDM. No, don't try to phonetically pronounce it, it's pronounced by letter, and you know, it even stands for something (oddly enough - note the sarcasm!). What the hell could KMFDM stand for? I wondered the same, and got some really weird answers: some dealt with poking fun at other bands, other stood for sexual things, but then I found out about a German saying that goes Keine Mehrheit Fur Die Mitleid. Alright, I read it in the Tribune, and Greg Kot probably got it from a reliable source, but he says it stands for No Pity for the Majority. Kinda a social statement, but then if you listen to the music of KMFDM you would understand.

Oh yea, back to the show.

KMFDM has been classified by some as an industrial rock band - whatever label that means today. I don't know if KMFDM can really be classified. It's a mix of techno-pop, some great heavy metal, sythnesizer thrash music, and, oh hell, mix it all in and you get KMFDM.

The show's opening spotlighted their new album, "Nihil," and got rid of the song which got me listening to them, "Juke Joint Jezebel," early on. But you know, I wasn't to be disappointed this night.

As the driving bass continued, and the script of "Nihil" played on, they covered just about, if not everything, off their new album. From "Flesh" to "Beast," from "Terror" to "Search & Destroy," I recognized it all - until they reverted to older material.

Now, being new to KMFDM, I haven't filled my CD collection with their older issues. But, the rest of the crowd must have already, or has been following the band for years, because they sure knew it all. Enticing multiple encores, the first level of the Metro almost turned into one massive mosh-pit. Crowd-surfers were flying into the air, and people were coming out of the "pit" looking like they have just had one of the best work-outs of their lives. They loved it, and the band seemed to feed off of the crowd, which was probably good because the band was giving as much energy as I think a band can give.

The changing lights almost never stopped, the pounding bass could probably jump-start a heart-attack victim, and the metal edge of the guitars mixed with synthesizer sounds brought a sound that makes KMFDM a little unique. It was one hell of a show, and it almost seemed it would never stop.

Well, if you haven't figured it out by now, KMFDM get TWO GARGANTUAN THUMBS UP from little old me. I found a new band I enjoy, and the crowd definitely did not go away disappointed - their sweaty bodies a testament to a great night.

Unfortunately, my partner in crime missed this show - boy is he pissed. But, it was his loss, my gain, and he just has to hope KMFDM makes a return trip to Chicago. Me, I've got their CD, and let me just say another thing, it is probably the best exercise music out there. I think they should put out an exercise video with KMFDM in the background. It would definitely not be for the faint of heart, but then again, if you have it turned up loud enough to piss off your neighbors, the bass will probably help keep your heart beating the entire time.

Enough of that, I'm a busy man, with busy things to do, so I guess I'll just wrap this up saying the usual - Party Smart, and as always, Rellim Reeb, Rellim Reeb!!!


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