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Jimmy Buffett
A Concert Review

June 8, 1996

The New World
Music Theater

Tinley Park, IL

A Review by Trash
Photos by
The Dude on the Right
Jimmy Buffett - Havin' Fun!
Jimmy Buffett - Havin' Fun!
Hey…. What day is this? Hold on, it's August? Wait a second?! I must've just sobered up from my Parrothead weekend over a month ago. That is pretty scary, us blondes don't have many brain cells, and I'm sure a few more of the weak ones fell out of my ear. What can I say, a Buffett show is an experience that must be lived. And I can tell you I'm no virgin. I've been a Parrothead before and will keep doing it until I can't do it no more. In the meantime, I managed to see two of Jimmy Buffett's shows on his latest trip to the Chicago area.

The first show had a lot of margaritas involved, a BBQ, rain, and an inflatable penis. Oops, that inflatable penis was a different night - never mind. But, yea, I said rain. Me and the crew went up to Alpine Valley in Wisconsin to slop around in the mud and the muck. Yeaper, there was gong to be no rolling around in the grass that night (oh yea, that was afterwards, sorry, never mind). Amazingly enough, the rain didn't stop people from having a good ol' time. Me, I think I had a good time. Like I said, there were a lot of margaritas. I do remember hearing "Brown Eyed Girl" and watching The Dude on the Right smash a wiener in his mouth (or was that me?). I also recall Big Cooter walking around lifting his shirt to play with the inflatable… oh, wrong night. But, he was lifting his shirt up just for the heck of it. Call me blond, but why would anyone want to see Big Cooter's hairy chest? Unless, of course, you are in to that whole thing.
But, I am totally off track. All in all, besides the rain, collectively we all agreed this show was everything you could ever imagine.

Well, thanks to The Dude on the Right and Stu Gotz, I got to see Jimmy again when he played at the World Music Theatre about a week later. I'm still not sure what payment is going to be due for taking Stu's ticket. I was hoping the pictures I sent him were enough. I'm proud, though, to say that I did not drink at this show, I think I still had enough liquor in my blood stream to last a month.

It was a stranger experience watching this show. Many people as me "How can you like this guy?" The best way to describe it is he is what we all wish we could be. The thought of tooling around the Caribbean in your own plane or boat is a dream, and to live a life of daiquiris and margaritas, well, here comes heaven. I think that is why Parrotheads are usually professionals that need a break from reality. And the Parrotheads were hot that night.

Jimmy Buffett!
Jimmy Buffett!
Jimmy came out first on the platform at the back of the pavilion, which, unfortunately, I missed due to the long line at will-call. But, I made it to my seat to find him singing up on stage with palm trees and blue skies behind him giving you the feel of the Keys. He started out with the goodies: "Grapefruit," "Holiday," and "Come Monday," but the best part was the duo he put on stage to sing "Get Drunk and Screw." It was the lone ranger straight from the local meat market and little-bo-peep. Lone ranger had his chaps perfectly exposing his naked "butt" cheeks with a classy studded G-string (where can I find one of those?). Bo-peep was very tastefully dressed (for a nursery rhyme character.). They didn't do to o bad of a job singing, but I think the outfits kept you laughing to hard to notice their singing anyway.

Then, as the show moved on, we got to hear "Jamaica Mistaica," "Changes," "Fins," and "Cheeseburger in Paradise" all of which got the crowd moving and singing. As you look around the joint and see Malibu Ken dolls on shark hats, grass skirts, and lais, being a Parrothead is about the only way of making this crazy world not seem so bad, while the song "Growing Older, Not Up" helps you see you don't ever need to stop having a damn good time.

Jimmy cranked out the "Banana Republics," "It's My Job," "Boat Drinks," (uuummmm…daiquiris), and my personal favorite "Fruitcakes." Geez, do I know a lot of those!! Then it
The Bass Dude!
The Bass Dude!
was time for the sailing songs.

Now, I've been sailing in Florida and there is only a certain style music to listen to when being chased by dolphins. I remember sitting on deck staring up at the stars with the moonlight on the water and hearing "mother ocean" in the background while "A Pirate Looks at Forty" played. And when Jimmy played the song that night, and every time I hear that song, it just takes me to that moment. You throw in some Crosby Stills and Nash and some Van Morrison and your have the air to yourself, which Jimmy did also. But the night wouldn't be complete with Margaritaville, and Jimmy obliged.

Now, for you Chicago fans who follow basketball, you will appreciate this. Jimmy throws on this yellow suit (the actual one worn by an Orlando Magic player during the Bulls trouncing of the Magic, bought by Johnny B. (a radio guy), and lent to Jimmy for the show) and sings "Volcano." Now, in Chicago, he got some of the biggest cheers from just the suit alone. Amazingly enough, the suit sort of fit, but boy was it ugly.

Finishing the night, Jimmy slowed it down and sent the crowd home maybe a little bit more at ease about the day they faced tomorrow.

Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefers will always get a PITCHER MARGARITA TOAST and we'll toss in some CALAMARI from the New Orleans' Margaritaville Café! Both are the best around!!

See ya!!


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