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In Our Office...
Staff Bios


Birth Date
: April '70
Birth Place: Evergreen Park, IL
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 115 lbs
Guess what these are!: 34, 24, 34

Ambitions: My main goal in life is, for once, have a well stacked man bring me a beer! The only thing left after that, is to retire (by age 40) in a tropical paradise sipping a Margarita (with Jose Cuervo of course).

Turn-Ons: Men that work hard and have the sweat to show it.

Turn-Offs: Guys that think I should feel honored to be with them.

Never leave home without..: A Cell phone, Tic-Tacs and 5 bucks.

I Admire: No one in particular...we are all human, some people are just more fortunate then others.

Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction.

Work Ethic: The harder you work the bigger the rewards.

Former Occupations: Cage dancer, aerobics instructor and beer wench.

Best Advice: If it doesn't taste good, just swallow it whole.

Jobs at Entertainment Ave!: Advice columnist, concert commentator, beer wench.


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