Garth Brooks Still Isn’t Touring, but He Might be at Your Movie Theater (sort of).


The Dude on the Right

I can’t believe I wasn’t paying attention on this, but over the weekend
Garth Brooks has so far
lived up to his promise of not touring, yet did sell out nine shows in November
in the musical mecca that is Kansas City, MO.  He’s opening up the new
Sprint Center in good ol’ K.C., and had I been paying attention I almost might
have tried to get a couple of tickets and make the 7 hour and 43 minute trip
(according to Google Maps) to catch the show.  But, alas, I wasn’t paying
attention, and he pretty much has sold out all nine dates in like 5 minutes
(okay, a little longer than that, but it was Hannah Montana quick).

Now none
of that sounds that weird, I guess he already made a previous commitment to do a
concert or nine there, but the interesting announcement was made a few days
later, at the official opening of the Sprint Center, where Garth announced one
of the shows would be simulcast to movie theaters across the United States. 
Most likely it will be handled by
Fathom Events, since
this is already what they do, and they have a quick blurb on their website
announcing it, but no specifics are set yet.  The thing is, other than not
actually being at the live event, squinting to see Garth on stage from a million
miles away where you find yourself, a lot of the times, just watching the giant
video screens anyway, might it be almost just as cool to see him on your movie
screen where if you take a picture with your camera phone you might just get a
decent picture of Garth?  Okay, fine, I don’t think so either, but if he
still has that kind of demand for live concert tickets, it will be damn
interesting to see the demand to see him on the big screen, and how will the
ticket scalpers handle that?

And you thought getting tickets for a venue that
holds 18,000+ difficult.

For a lot of you Garth fans, seeing him at your local
gigaplex might be your only chance to "see" Garth Brooks, live in concert, at
least until his kids are grown, unless, of course, he has so much fun in Kansas
City that he decides to take his kids on what might be the most exciting "see
the world" experience of their lives.  If not, well, hopefully you can
still get free refills on that bucket o’ popcorn when you see him on the big
screen, if you can actually get a ticket.

That’s it for this one! 
I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!