General Musings

Eww, it’s gross in there!

Andy never thought twice about diving into the seat-back pocket in front of him on an airplane. He would think once, maybe, and understand what might lurk in the dampness and darkness, but SkyMall was waiting for him, so thought number two never made it. With SkyMall going away, he has no reason to gross out his wife when flying any longer, but he does wonder if you dive into that seat-back pocket.


Can old people learn how to use the Internet? Hell yes! Cyber-Seniors is a 3 1/2 star documentary showing what it’s like to teach them, and before you know it you might be Shura Eadie in the movie making grilled cheese on YouTube, or Andy’s Mom-in-Law, in his life, discovering Snapchat as GrandmaEleanor. Andy gives his review.

Ernie Banks – Lets Play Two

Cubs  Opening Day 2008The passing of Ernie Banks brought out an outpouring of comments and postings about the legacy, kindness, and enthusiasm of Ernie Banks. Andy has a story of his own even though he never met the man, and wonders about you and Ernie Banks.

Refrigerator Stickiness

Andy used to have a brown refrigerator back at the old homestead when he was growing up, although you would be hard-pressed to know it was brown with all of the crap his mom had stuck on it. He wonders if you might know the color of your refrigerator.

Your Workaholic Siblings

Andy was born in May, is a Taurus, and therefore is stubborn and likes gardening. He would have money, or at least a focus for making money, so says his horoscope, except he’s missing one thing, namely a workaholic sibling. He wonders if you are one of the lucky ones because it might lead to riches.

Everyone Has Gotten Caught Shoplifting

Andy has shoplifted, at least according the anti-shoplifting detectors, and figures you probably have as well. Sometimes he wonders how those detectors actually work, but this time he wonders about your actions when the alarms go off.

When Funny is Shot Down

Andy nearly spit out his coffee when he saw the magazine covers, but his wife failed to see the humor in his new-found funny. Andy wonders about funny being shot down, but mostly if you find this picture funny.

The Halloween Lie?

Left with bags of candy, Andy is beginning to think that the stories of masses of trick-or-treaters is just propaganda perpetrated by the candy companies. He’s left with bags of candy to eat, but wonders about the throngs of little kids that made it to your house.

It’s Peanut Butter and Jelly Time

Andy might be in his forties, but he still likes the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, even if it will get him the occasional look of “You’re an old man. What are you eating that for?” He figures they are really just jealous, and then wonders how much jelly they like on their sandwich.