General Musings

Do You Plan to Buy a New iPhone if They Launch One With a Larger Screen?

APPLE ANNOUNCES AN iPHONE WITH A LARGER SCREEN!!!!! Okay, maybe not, but probably. Andy is thinking of heading to REI to buy a tent and outdoor supplies to get in line for the new iPhone, but will probably be too lazy to be that committed. Instead he’ll just wait to order it when the new phones go on sale. He wonders if you might be getting a new iPhone, too.

Do Thunderstorms Freak Out Your Dog?

The 80 degree weather in Chicago might finally mean Winter is over, but it also means that thunderstorms are coming, and Andy’s dog, Milo, doesn’t really care for them. Andy knows how how Milo reacts to the “Angels bowling,” but he does wonder about your pooch.

Do You Have a Bumper Sticker on Your Car?

Andy saw a bumper sticker that read “No! I don’t want to play the flute!” It took him a few minutes to realize what the person was probably trying to convey, but more than that he wondered about people having bumper stickers on their cars.

Have You Seen a Semi with Sprewells?

Andy is happy that winter is breaking in Chicago, especially as the “cool” cars start to hit the road again. It seems that the “cool” trucks are hitting the roads as well, as he saw his first 18-wheeler with Sprewells on it.

Do You Buy Any Music on CD Anymore?

There’s a new CD by Michael Stanley called “The Job” out, but sadly it doesn’t look like Andy will be listening to it anytime soon because he doesn’t want to wait for a disc to arrive in the mail. He wants to listen now, but it’s not on iTunes yet.

Do You Yell at the TV While Watching Sporting Events?

Somehow Andy’s wondering about yelling at the TV during sporting events, spurred by his NCAA bracket being busted by Louisville losing to Kentucky, turned into delusion with dreams of a Chicago Bears/Cleveland Browns Super Bowl. At least his wife won’t have to worry about him yelling at the TV for a while, unless the Blackhawks or Bulls somehow get far in the playoffs.