Chicago Blizzard Watch 2011, New TV Shows, New DVDs, New Movies, and Upcoming New iPads.

By: The Dude on the Right

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With the mother-of-all snowstorms bearing down, Stu Gotz and I are on "Chicago Blizzard Watch 2011" for this episode of the "Weekend Wrap-Up!" podcast, not that it might help you much, but at least Stu lets you know that if you have kids, "Open Season 3" might help them survive.

During this episode we talk a lot about the weather because, well, we live in the Chicago area, that and Mama Gotz might be trapped out of town, but we also do talk movies, congratulating Natalie Portman on her SAG award and wondering if it will mean an OSCAR for her, my previewing the release of "You Again" on DVD and Blu-ray on February 8th, Stu’s recommendation of "Open Season 3" as I mentioned earlier, and neither of us are too excited about "Sanctum" nor "The Roommate" opening this weekend. We also talk a bit about TV, with both of complaining about our non-TiVo DVR’s, Stu giving "Fairly Legal" one more episode, my really like "American Idol" and almost looking forward to "Mr. Sunshine," and both of us wondering who actually watched the Pro Bowl over the weekend.

I’m looking for the iPad 2, Stu is amazed at how thing the new iPod touches are, I’m wishing my BFF a speedy recovery from her cold, and for the utter enjoyment of it all, both of us sort of wish Carol Mosley Braun could somehow win the mayor’s race in Chicago, granted it would probably drive the city into a disaster zone but the soundbite vault could grow exponentially.

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