What’s New? Stu & The Dude Reviewin’ the Movies for You! Mission: Impossible III

For this episode of “Stu & The Dude Reviewin’ the Movies for You!,” “South Park” fans called for a boycott of all things Tom Cruise, but one of the reviewers just couldn’t resist the pull of Tom Cruise and gave “Mission: Impossible III” 3 out of 5 stars.

I Should Never Listen to My Sister, and Oh Favorite Niece of Mine, Please Don’t Disown Me!


The Dude on the Right

It’s Sunday morning and the weather is pretty crappy.  It’s windy, a little
cooler, with a big douse or rain.  I get myself out of bed, take a shower,
and suddenly get the hankering for a McGriddle sandwich.  While cleaning
the soap off of my svelte body, with my breakfast plans firmly implanted in my
head, I planned my day:  Get dressed, head to my
Drive-Thru, get back home, read my Sunday paper, eat my breakfast, and
eventually head to the movies.  While reading my paper (I had to buy one
because my delivered copy was soaked thanks to the rain, but I digress), Stu called me after
dropping Mama Gotz at the airport.  He just wanted to chat a bit, asked me
my plans for the day, and I told him I was going to see "United
," the movie about 9/11 and the plane that crashed.  He said he would
be interested to hear my take about it on Monday, as well as fill him in a
little bit more about the movie "Stick
," which I saw on Saturday.

With the topic of the movie "United 93," I
was sort of psyching myself up for it.  I knew it wasn’t going to give me
any laughs, would bring some flashbacks to some television memories I could do
without, but in a way, I wanted to be somewhat inspired by the bravery of the
folks on the plane.  I figured I would sit in the theater after the movie
ended and reflect a little, make my way back to the dude-pad, and type up
reviews for "Stick It," United 93," and maybe a blog about my reaction to the
"United 93" movie.  I would get things posted, then sit back and watch "The
" wondering if

really did get his cooking mojo back, and if they were going to find

.  My day was planned.  It would be a little bit happy, a
little bit sad, and some work would even get done.

Then I got an e-mail from
my sister that ruined my entire day.

The beginning of it simply started: 
"You should of went to go and see RV.  I laughed my ass off.  To the
point of tears in my eyes.  Yes it resembles chevy chase but when you watch
the movie you don’t even think of it because it was funny."

And for some
dumb-ass reason I actually started to think "Maybe "RV" is a funny movie?"

so I started to debate in my head, a debate which never should have happened,
but it was simply "Go see "United 93," what is supposed to be a great movie and
maybe be depressed" vs. "Go and see a movie that made my sister laugh her ass
off (and I’m sorry, this is too easy), and since she’s got a pretty big ass,
it’s got to be hilarious."

And so, for some reason, rather than see a movie
getting tons of critical acclaim, even with the subject matter, I decided to go
and see "RV,"
on the recommendation of my sister.

I have one question for my sister, which
she might answer, but probably won’t, especially with the "big ass" comment, but
"What scenes in this movie brought ‘tears in my eyes?’"

For me, it was an okay
movie, but tried to stay too safe.  It was "Vacation"-light.  For my
sister, it sounded like the comedy event of a lifetime.

Now, my niece
supposedly disowned me a couple of weeks ago, I think for a
I posted in my blog.  I thought I might have a chance to get back in her
good graces when I agreed with her that "Scary
Movie 4
" was a funny movie, but I’m pretty sure that now, after taking her
Mom’s advice about a funny movie, she’ll never talk to me again (and if she
found the movie as funny as her mom did, I’m going to start to also wonder about
her ability to pick a funny movie).  I hope that’s not the case, because,
from now on, I have a new plan when I get an e-mail from my sister touting the
comedic genius of a movie.  My new plan is this:

A: I receive an e-mail from my sister touting the comedic genius of a
recent movie I haven’t seen yet.
2: I make sure I have already seen the trailer for the movie and
immediately begin to question her opinion of comedy.
III: I try to instant message my niece to find out if she went to see the
movie as well.
D: If my niece said she has seen the movie and found it funny, I see
the movie.
Cinco: If my niece said she has seen the movie and couldn’t figure out why
her mother was laughing, I don’t see it.
6: If my niece said she didn’t see the movie, I still don’t see it.
VII: If my niece doesn’t respond to my instant message, over the course
of a day, I will know that she has totally disowned me for actually
taking the advice of her mother for seeing the movie "RV."

So that is my new plan, and I
hope two things right now so that it will work:  A:  My niece hasn’t
disowned me.  2:  My niece didn’t find "RV" nearly as funny as her

To wrap up this blog, I do have to thank my sister for two things today,
and one is that "RV" did have ample amounts of cleavage.  The other is I
did get one good chuckle during the movie, when Travis comments something like
"Don’t worry.  I’m keeping my eye on them in the rear-view mirror, and he’s
not very good," to which his wife replies, "Neither is his dad." 
A little bit more uplifting than reliving 9/11.

That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!

What’s New? Speaking English in The United States, and When to See “United 93.”

For this podcast, The Dude on the Right talks about his Grandma and her buying a “Polish to English Dictionary,” when he should see “United 93,” and still thinks his entry should have been one of the qualifiers in the “Howard Stern Film Festival.

Our “Howard Stern Film Festival” Entry is Done. Back to Our Normal Posting Schedule.


The Dude on the Right

Sadly I’ve been shirking some of my duties here at Entertainment Ave! as I was
working hard on finishing our entry into the "Howard
Stern Film Festival
."  It’s a special episode of our movie reviews, but
per rules, unless we win, you’ll never see it.  That is kind of sad, but
maybe kinda good because it would be kind of hard to explain to my mom how our
humor could get so sick.

Anyway, with that done, I was able to catch a few
flicks this past weekend, namely "Thank
You For Smoking
" and "The
," both of which I enjoyed in their own way of being enjoyed.

Thankfully I am almost caught up on all of my TV viewing from last week. 
"Lost" is still weird, but I still like it, people on "Survivor" are still
stupid, in my opinion, the boys doing "South Park" are entering dangerous
territory, and "24" tosses a huge monkey-wrench into the mix by showing it is
the President causing all of our latest troubles for Jack and not the V.P. 
I did not see that coming at all.  All I’ve got left are a couple of
episodes of "Smallville" to get through, and re-watch last week’s "Sopranos"
before I catch the next episode.  I won’t be doing any catching up tonight
because I’ll be at the Cubs’ game (watch for me on one of the rooftops, I’ll be
the one with the bag over my head and a cowboy hat!), but we’ll get a new
podcast posted Monday night, and finally get back to our normal posting

That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!


The Flu is Gone and I’ve Been Doing Some Reviewin’.


The Dude on the Right

Well I think I’ve finally kicked the flu bug that has been tormenting me for
about a week, and thankfully, just in time for tonight’s return of "The
"  I’ve been doing my best to stay away from spoilers about
the episode on the internet, so, for the most part, I’m looking to be
entertained by what many are saying is a great return for the series. 
Sure, it’s been a while since the last episode, and I know it will take a little
bit to get back up to speed with who is who and what is what, but sorry
"Desperate Housewives," when the TiVo decision is between Tony or Susan, at
least there’s a good chance Tony will find some ladies who will get naked.

did catch "Failure
to Launch
" this weekend.  That’s the movie where Matthew McConaughey
still lives at home with his folks and Sarah Jessica Parker gets hired to get
him to move out.  Sure, it was formulaic, but I found it entertaining for
the most part, although I would have preferred seeing
Zooey Deschanel’s butt rather
than Terry Bradshaw‘s.  I
also did a full review of "Ultraviolet,"
a movie that really needed to be rated "R," although that may not have really
helped other than giving me some nudity.

I haven’t posted them yet, but will
be doing so as I format them, them being the 15 movie previews I typed up over
the weekend, and I plan on doing a DVD review of Harry Potter and the Goblet of
Fire, so I won’t spoil my change in thought on this movie yet.

I can’t
remember if Stu gets back in town tonight or tomorrow, so tomorrow’s
podcast might be a solo
effort, or a return to "Stu & The Dude’s Weekend Wrap-Up."  I’ve got to
make some dinner, finish laundry, and maybe get some previews posted before "The
Sopranos," so I’ve gotta go.  Hope you had a nice weekend!

That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!