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How’s Your Football Team Doing?

The Dude on the Right is stuck where flashes of greatness for his football team were outweighing glimpses of suckiness, but that tide seams to be turning for his Chicago Bears and Cleveland Browns and now he fears the Bears/Browns game in December will just be another, meaningless football game. He does, however, wonder how your team is doing, and so he plights.

Have you ever been to a football training camp?

With both Chicago baseball teams in suck-ville, maybe it’s a good thing that football training camp is only about a week away. The Dude on the Right, however, wonders if you’ve ever been to a football training camp. It’s his Daily Plight.

Are You Ready for Some Football?

The NFL season opens this week, and my excitement level is about half. Having lived in Chicago more than half of my life now, I have become a Chicago Bears fan, however, having grown up near Cleveland, the Browns are…