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The Job

Michael Stanley, and his band, is near and dear to the heart of Andy, so whenever he has new music out, there is sure to be one customer. Andy was not disappointed in Mr. Stanley’s latest offering, “The Job,” and gives it 100% on the Entertainment Ave! listenability scale.

Fasten Your Seat Belt and Check Your Vomit Bag

Dierks Bentley has a song called “Drunk on a Plane” that Andy is now enjoying, and it makes him think about his flying experience, his not usually being drunk on a plane, and why you should always check your vomit bag. He also wonders about your drinking and flying habit.s

A Mighty Tasty Fish Fry

Friday Fish Fry at Freddie's West End at Lake ComoAndy likes a good fish fry and for years his favorite was from Slovak Home in his hometown of Lorain, Ohio. He may have found a new favorite in Wisconsin at a place called Freddie’s West End off Lake Como. He wonders about your fish fry experience.

Are You Sometimes Amazed at Technology?

Howard Stern amazes Andy a lot, mostly with his interviewing skills, but this time Howard reminded Andy just how amazing technology is as Andy was able to watch Howard’s Birthday Bash in big-screen glory from the comfort of his couch. It’s a great time to be alive, at least so things Andy.

The Final Member

Who knew it was so difficult to get a penis donor? That, in essence, is the underlying theme of “The Final Member,” one of the most riveting and at times hilarious documentaries that will make most men cross their legs and give that “protect my junk” gesture with their hands, while women will watch in utter amazement at the quest for a penis specimen. Andy reviews it and even he can’t believe he gives it 5 stars out of 5.

Have you shot a bow and arrow?

Thanks to Luke Bryan’s video for “My Kind of Night,” Andy is wondering a lot about bow and arrows, and archery, and if he could actually shoot an animal to eat it. He also wonders if his archery abilities would start a forest fire instead of a bonfire. Andy wonders too much sometimes.

Should Andy Have Taken the Strawberry Lemonade?

Andy was in a quandary as his Greek lunch turned into a trip through the McDonald’s Drive-Thru and suddenly he found himself in a situation being offered a free strawberry lemonade that he wasn’t sure he really wanted. He needs your help to make the decision the next time should he find himself in a similar situation.

Do You Stop for Coffee on the Way to Work?

The Fat Elvis DonutAndy is a sucker for a good donut, and if it’s got maple and bacon involved he’s even more of a sucker. Even more tempting can be a donut called a “Fat Elvis,” but don’t ask him if he needs any coffee because he brings his own. He wonders if you bring your own, or stop on the way to work.