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It’s Peanut Butter and Jelly Time

Andy might be in his forties, but he still likes the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, even if it will get him the occasional look of “You’re an old man. What are you eating that for?” He figures they are really just jealous, and then wonders how much jelly they like on their sandwich.

Shopping Until You’re Dropping

Halloween isn’t even over yet and Andy is thinking about Christmas. It’s time to bust out the tree, the model train, and to start figuring out what to where that will his “Christmas Best,” but even he hasn’t started shopping yet. With the holiday now less than two months away he is wondering about your shopping habits.

To Eat Ice Cream, or Not Eat Ice Cream?

Like many people Andy wrestles if he should even bother to vote because in the end it seems no one can make a difference. He also has the difficulty of figuring out where he should vote with his move. He’ll figure it out, if anything to see if either Governor Quinn or Bruce Rauner in Illinois can figure out how to work with Mike Madigan.

Playing the Part of Poor

Tainted forever by a panhandler on an off-ramp who would go back to his house nearby at the end of his “shift,” Andy will rarely give money to people asking for it. He’s not heartless but has experienced his lot of obvious scam artists, though he does wonder about your “charitable” donations.

Safer Driving and You

Andy was guilty of distracted driving, and not because he was eating in the car, talking on his phone, or trying to look up “Cool restaurants” on his phone. Nope, he was mesmerized by the “hand-talker” behind him, and wonders about your driving habits.

Old Boots. New Dirt.

Sometimes you should try to listen to other songs on an album if the first single on the radio doesn’t float your boat. Andy learned his lesson because he didn’t care for “Burnin’ It Down” from Jason Aldean’s latest album, “Old Boots. New Dirt.”, but by the end of this review he’s giving it 93% on the Entertainment Ave! Listenability Scale.


Lady Antebellum - 747Andy is a fan of Lady Antebellum, and their latest album, 747, keeps him in their grasp even though they venture a tad and kick things up a notch. It’s a 91% on the Entertainment Ave! Listenability scale for this review!

Looking Cool but Unable to See

It took Andy reverting back to his ten year old self to see the enjoyment in glow-in-the-dark sunglasses, but then the old fogey in him wondered if there might be a lawsuit in there somewhere. Andy might need to go back to being twelve instead of ten.

Raw Potatoes Kill Acne

Search results for raw potatoes for acne. Who knew Andy’s liking to eat raw potatoes would cause him to find a new cure for acne, but there it was, on a Google search: The benefits of raw potatoes and it’s wonder of being an acne cure. The internet has such interesting things sometimes.

A Solution for Too Much Debt

Andy found out his biggest worry is too much debt. Since he doesn’t have Mesothelioma, hasn’t been injured at work, and doesn’t have a loved one with bed sores in a nursing home, debt must be it because the dude on TV told him so. What about you?