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A New Watch Every Few Years?

Andy, being the early adopter that he loves to be, is looking forward to the Apple Watch, although he recently realized he has had one for years. He knows it will obsolete in a few years, but wonders about your thoughts about a new watch.

He Couldn’t Ring Dem Bells

Regrets, Andy’s had a few, and now he has another. He failed, to climb some stairs, even though rickety, and really not the right time. He wonders, would you have gone, up the stairs, in the bell tower, and maybe, ring dem bells.


Thinking back Andy was impressed they were able to make as good a blood-splattering thriller as they did with almost all of it centered around scenes in and around a van. If a machete slicing off some fingers makes you squeamish stay away, but otherwise Andy gives 4 of 5 stars for VANish.

Out in Less Than One Day

This hasn’t been a good Lenten season for Andy as by the end of Ash Wednesday he had already had a Diet Coke, didn’t do his Yoga nor meditation, and said the hell with exercising on Thursday. He wonders how many Hail Mary’s he should be saying.

One Staple of College I Seem to Suck At

A challenge has come to Andy, one that millions of college students everywhere have seemed to conquer, but not Andy. Somehow he can’t master Maruchan’s Ramen Noodle Soup, and freely admits that he just sucks at it. He does wonder about your Ramen Noodle experience, and if it’s better than his.

Lassie, Did Timmy Fall in the Well?

Milo hasn’t had his Lassie moment yet. You know, that moment when your dog can actually, somehow, tell you what the problem is, and thankfully for Andy that is still the case. He wonders about your pet and your level of discussion with them.

Table Cleaning and You

Andy experienced a funeral hot dog this past weekend, but more than that he fully realized he married into a family of table cleaners. If the wait staff would just give his in-law family a cleaning rag there wouldn’t be much left for the wait staff to do other than take the check and seat the next customers. Now Andy wonders about your table etiquette.


There are documentaries on just about anything, and now there is one about an adult entertainment website that deals mostly with BDSM. Andy liked the documentary though he thought things got a little too preachy at times. He also saw a few too many penises for his liking, and not enough boobs, or at least not enough boobs without nipple clamps.

Only 68 Days Left

You can try to claim your billions, you can wave to the person on the side of the road in a Statue of Liberty costume, but Andy is mostly wondering your progress in your tax filing.