A New Chapter for the Family

Does Your Pet Have a Facebook Page?

Andy’s dog, Milo, has a Facebook page, and with his latest birthday (Milo’s, not Andy’s) his friends wished him another good year. Milo thanked them all, and even though he doesn’t play Farmville nor Candy Crush anymore, he figures he should post more. Okay, Milo doesn’t think this at all, probably just wonders where breakfast is, but Andy wonders about pets and Facebook pages.

Thanksgiving – Time for a Break or To Move On?

It’s Thanksgiving-time and The Dude on the Right is thankful, but also reflectful. He thinks about the start of Entertainment Ave!, the many features that have been a part of the site through the years, the daunting task of updating the over 750 reviews and articles, but also thinks it might be a time for a break for re-assessing, re-evaluating, and maybe reconditioning. Or maybe it’s just time to move on.

I deleted “Mom and Dad” from my iPhone Favorites. I suppose it was just time.

It’s funny, because I think I “talk” to them more now than I ever did when they were alive, looking for advice or just knowing what they would be thinking, but I guess, sometimes, it would be nice to hear their voices on the other end of that call, although, for the most part, I know what they would say, especially mom watching the Browns this year: “They suck.”

I’m Engaged! How Did That Happen?

By: The Dude on the Right I must say that at 42 years old, after not having a serious girlfriend in just about forever, and even having some cousins thinking I was gay, it is both exciting and scary as…

A Greasy, Sweety, Ball of Dough. A Missing Pazcki.

By: The Dude on the Right With Ash Wednesday being tomorrow, and today being Dude Tuesday, I mean Fat Tuesday, I’m supposed to be having pazcki because, well, I’m Polish, I guess, and how pazcki comes out “ponchki” or “poonchki” still makes…

Hi Mom and Dad! It’s 2009!

By: The Dude on the Right Hi Mom and Dad! Just wanted to wish the both of you a Happy 2009, although I’m not really sure if you actually celebrate New Year’s Day anymore.  When I woke up this morning…