Congrats to The W.G.N.!, iPad Touching, A Birthday Lunch Idea, TV Talk, and No Lyle Lovett

By: The Dude on the Right

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Congrats to The W.G.N. for graduating college, but sadly for me, as I tell Stu during our "Weekend Wrap-Up!" Podcast, is that The W.G.N.’s ceremony didn’t include Lyle Lovett getting an honorary degree so the only excitement for me, other than him graduating of course, was an annoying Asian lady with bad perfume who kept fanning herself. His graduating did give me a chance to actually see my "Make Me Smile" app on an iPad, and Stu and Mama Gotz also got to play with an iPad, too, but Stu was disappointed by the iPad’s lack of Java support so unfortunately it’s "No iPad for Mama Gotz" (she really needs Java, and Stu thinks Steve Jobs should get on the stick and implement it, not counting the fact that Mama Gotz couldn’t play Treasure Isle on Facebook because it doesn’t have Flash, either).

Technology aside, Stu saw a movie called "Gentlemen Broncos" via his Netflix and gives his rundown of the movie, and he is still liking the new Doctor Who, while I re-bailed on "Survivor" when Colby got booted, thankfully I suppose because I would have been pissed because Russell didn’t win again even though he may be the best Survivor player, ever, again.

Stu saw the Chicago Cubs and got the kids a bear, My BFF had a birthday which led Stu to a inform me of a failed opportunity for me to treat her to lunch at Fry’s Electronics, I’m cheering on Brett Michaels for the Celebrity Apprentice finale, and we both wonder who Holly Robinson Peete is.

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