Will You Watch the World Series?

As a Chicago Cubs fan, along with being a Cleveland Indians and Chicago White Sox fan although not necessarily in that order, I can’t say I was disappointed that the St. Louis Cardinals lost to the San Francisco Giants, but once again it’s a year when unless the TV people do their magic spinning I don’t think I’ll be watching the World Series. It’s not that I don’t like baseball, nor can’t get wrapped into teams I don’t really have an allegiance to, but of the many teams in Major League Baseball I can’t get excited about either the Giants or the Detroit Tigers being in the big game this year.

The thing I do know is that what might bother me the most is the fact that another sporting event I don’t care that much about might be screwing up my normal TV viewing. Yup, this summer it was the Summer Olympics screwing up my watching of “America’s Got Talent”, where it turned out that dogs have the most talent in America, and now I’ve got some baseball possibly interrupting Simon, Britney, Demi, and L.A. as yes, I’m getting sucked into “The X Factor.” I suppose I’ll survive and let me DVR plan my TV viewing (When does Real Housewives of Atlanta come back?), but I’m pretty sure FOX would probably prefer nearly any other teams fighting it out for the Commissioner’s Trophy, and the only people who really care are Giants and Tigers fans. And so I plight: Will you watch the World Series this year?

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Did You Know the VMA’s Were Last Night?

The VMA’s were last night. Yes, you might remember them, the MTV Video Music Awards, those awards still on MTV for those things, music videos, that they really don’t play any longer. I forgot about them, and I’m supposed to be “entertainment.” With my line-up of the results show for America’s Got Talent (I think Howard Stern made the right decision letting the painter dude and his cronies, David Garibaldi and His CMYKs, go through), watching Dan manipulate the masses and slowly securing his place as the best player ever on Big Brother, and then having to sit through President Obama’s speech because I was too lazy to change the channel when I was going to bed (It was a good speech, but that’s sort of what he is known for), remembering the VMA’s just slipped my mind.

I guess Rihanna won the big award and shocked everyone with her short hair and long dress, or so read a quick headline when I Googled “video music awards” this morning, and I also guess there wasn’t anything crazy that happened because, well, there also weren’t any headlines of “Craziness Engulfs the VMA’s,” so in terms of news I’m guessing within about 6 hours, no one will really care, but I care. Okay, I really don’t care about what happened at the VMA’s, but I care, and I plight today: Did you know the VMA’s were last night?

That’s it for this plight! I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!

Do You Like Howard Stern on America’s Got Talent?

First I will say that I am a little biased as I have always been a Howard Stern fan. Okay, maybe I haven’t always been a Howard Stern fan as when he first started hitting the airwaves I originally thought “Who is this blowhard on the radio? I don’t need to listen to his New York City crap when I’ve got our awesome radio dudes in Chicago!” And at the time we had some awesome radio dudes in Chicago. Slowly, though, their shows got cut, and I would occasionally check in with Howard’s show, then check in a little more, than listen every day, then order Sirius Satellite radio specifically because Howard went there, and then be sad when he scaled back his show. Alas, though, I have turned into a fan, and yes, like most fans, wish he would work seven days a week and never take a vacation, but so be it.

In any case, knowing how he was on his radio show I always felt he would make a great judge on a reality TV show, mostly because as I would listen to him comment about things like “American Idol” and “America’s Got Talent” on his radio show, even if he didn’t care for a particular singer nor act, he always had a valid opinion and could relate it to the entertainment world. With that I was excited to hear he was coming to “America’s Got Talent,” although I know there would be some blow-back from people whom all they knew him for were stories of fart jokes and interviews with porn stars, yet there he was, on the judge’s table next to Sharon Osbourne, able to throw down against Howie Mandel and showing a general concern for contestants yet still being able to have fun with them. He is that guy who isn’t afraid to hold back, will tell a person like it is, and just as important, explain that their act is good, just not great enough, or that he knows in the theater the act is great, but it probably won’t translate to us, the viewer at home. He does all of this without a British accent, and he brought back “Horse” a few weeks ago on the “Judges” Choice” show, a man who has an immeasurable talent of being able to take a shot in the nuts over and over again, and who can’t appreciate that?

That brings me to today’s daily plight: Do you like Howard Stern on “America’s Got Talent?”

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Will You Watch Any of the Republican Convention Coverage?

It’s finally here, the days we’ve been waiting for – Convention time! Fine. For most of us it’s not really the days we’ve been waiting for, but up first are the Republicans who will be spouting how their plan, even though they most likely won’t really detail a plan, will be the greatest thing for America, to be followed shortly by the Democrats who will be spouting how their plan, even though they most likely won’t really detail a plan, either, will be the greatest thing for America. There will be a lot of speeches, most during times when no one cares, and most by people no one really cares about nor will most people pay attention to because they will be during the day, but there has been some debate about the lack of coverage of Mrs. Romney’s speech until it was announced her speech was being moved so that the networks would carry it, and most still wonder if there will be an appearance by Donald Trump, especially now that Mitt opened up the birther debate with some off-handed remarks not “meant” to open up the birther debate again.

Most of the networks are limiting their convention coverage to their respective cable news outlets, dedicating a whopping one hour a night to the main networks coverage after most kids should be in bed (10PM on the east coast) either under the guise that Americans don’t care enough and would rather watch Howard Stern on “America’s Got Talent” or that you can find the rest of the coverage elsewhere, but mostly that decision is probably about ratings (and thereby money) and that wacky “fair time” rule about candidate coverage.

I still don’t know if I’ll watch any of the coverage, I mean, there is “America’s Got Talent” and “Big Brother” to worry about, and with it being at 9PM my time, I’ll be getting ready for bed myself, but as I think about it, I’ll probably do my duty, try to stay informed, and maybe hear what Mitt Romney has to say, and that leads me to my daily plight: Will you watch any of the Republican Convention Coverage?

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Celebrating Emancipation Day, Would You Buy a Zoo?, Golf-Triggered Memories, and America’s Got Talent is Almost Back.

By: The Dude on the Right

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As millions of people were doing yesterday, I was celebrating Emancipation Day. Okay, I wasn’t really celebrating, I just couldn’t quite get to the podcast, but for those of you wondering why April 17th is Tax Day this year, instead of at least on the 16th, all is revealed in this podcast episode. Also revealed in the podcast – if “We Bought a Zoo” is any good. It’s a movie now out on Blu-ray about a dude (Matt Damon) who buys a zoo. Okay, it’s a little more complicated than that, and it also has Scarlett Johansson as a zookeeper/potential love interest, but it does have real animals for your kids to watch instead of a movie with cartoon animals that can talk.

Watching golf makes me remember my college days, I had vegetarian food for Easter, Apache Helicopters are invading Chicago, and don’t look now but it’s less than a month to the return of “America’s Got Talent” with new judge, Howard Stern. You may love him or you may hate him, but you’ll probably at least watch out of curiosity. All of that and some movie news in this week’s podcast!

Thanks for listening!

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One Last Fling, Who’s Got America’s Talent, Paul is An Alien, and Stu Gotz Isn’t Here.

By: The Dude on the Right

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I missed connecting with Stu Gotz, I missed seeing Cathy Richardson and the Macrodots, and I missed staying on my diet, but what I didn’t miss was a weekend, and although late, it’s solo podcast time for our “Weekend Wrap-Up!”

Yup, my mistake caused a missed joint podcast yesterday, Stu got tied up so we didn’t talk today, but I didn’t want to wait any longer to chat about my Labor Day Weekend. Some of it was just plain restful, but a lot of it was some fun running around. I hit Naperville, IL’s, Last Fling carninval, where a super-dog was procurred, and I should have paid more attention because one of my favoritest bands/singers, Cathy Richardson, was performing, but I missed them/her. I did get to catch up with some family time for a birthday where I learned that no matter how much I’ve been walking, well, I’m still out of shape, and I’m not really missing Netflix as My BFF and I watched the movie “Paul.”

I quesiton if fresh-squeezed lemonade can come from a spigot, is Facebook killing family conversations, can I talk up a record, and I’ve got my favorite for “America’s Got Talent” (I’m rooting for the illuminate people, the Sillouette people, and some dude named Landau), how about you?

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“Get Him to the Greek” is Good, The BP Oil Spill is Bad; Howie Mandel is Funny, Jimmy Buffett seems Sad.

By: The Dude on the Right

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Our “Weekend Wrap-Up!” podcast is a day late because Stu Gotz was on a fact-finding mission to Key Largo, but I think he just wanted some time away from kids so he could spend quality time with Mama Gotz, or maybe just go diving. As Stu tells it, he was on a mission to check out the reefs in the area prior to them being contaminated by the BP oil spill, but he really seemed to talk more about the local spots he and Mama Gotz visited where the only fish they saw were the ones that ended up in their belly and they serve a lot of Bud Light.

SCUBA diving aside, I tell Stu if “Get Him to the Greek” is any good (It is!), and we both discuss the failings and not-so-failings going on at the launch of the new iPhone at the Apple WWDC. I find out that Stu isn’t a fan of Andy Ihnatko, a tech writer for the Chicago Sun Times, whereas I enjoy his articles, Stu is excited that “Burn Notice” is coming back, and I don’t care, I think Howie Mandel is a great judge on “America’s Got Talent,” Stu likes “Supernatural,” Jimmy Buffett seems sad, and it looks like graduation parties will be a part of my life for many years to come!

And to wrap up the podcast summary, during this podcast you can find out which one of us is excited about the new “The A-Team” movie, if either of us want to see the new “Karate Kid,” and how I’m hoping for the Chicago Blackhawks to win the Stanley Cup this year because I need to shave.

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