Will You Watch Any of the Republican Convention Coverage?

It’s finally here, the days we’ve been waiting for – Convention time! Fine. For most of us it’s not really the days we’ve been waiting for, but up first are the Republicans who will be spouting how their plan, even though they most likely won’t really detail a plan, will be the greatest thing for America, to be followed shortly by the Democrats who will be spouting how their plan, even though they most likely won’t really detail a plan, either, will be the greatest thing for America. There will be a lot of speeches, most during times when no one cares, and most by people no one really cares about nor will most people pay attention to because they will be during the day, but there has been some debate about the lack of coverage of Mrs. Romney’s speech until it was announced her speech was being moved so that the networks would carry it, and most still wonder if there will be an appearance by Donald Trump, especially now that Mitt opened up the birther debate with some off-handed remarks not “meant” to open up the birther debate again.

Most of the networks are limiting their convention coverage to their respective cable news outlets, dedicating a whopping one hour a night to the main networks coverage after most kids should be in bed (10PM on the east coast) either under the guise that Americans don’t care enough and would rather watch Howard Stern on “America’s Got Talent” or that you can find the rest of the coverage elsewhere, but mostly that decision is probably about ratings (and thereby money) and that wacky “fair time” rule about candidate coverage.

I still don’t know if I’ll watch any of the coverage, I mean, there is “America’s Got Talent” and “Big Brother” to worry about, and with it being at 9PM my time, I’ll be getting ready for bed myself, but as I think about it, I’ll probably do my duty, try to stay informed, and maybe hear what Mitt Romney has to say, and that leads me to my daily plight: Will you watch any of the Republican Convention Coverage?

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Does God Hate Politicians?

Hurricane Isaac is barreling down on the Gulf of Mexico as I type this, and since the Republican National Convention is in Tampa next week, instead of the focus being on the things that really matter to most of the rest of the nation, it’s mostly about how the hurricane will impact the Convention. So be it, but you knew it would only be a matter of time before someone “important” would state that with the hurricane set to disrupt the Convention, well, it was God showing his displeasure with the Republican Party. This time is was Congressman Danny Davis from my greatly mis-managed state of Illinois, and although he sort of says it in a joking matter (here’s a link where you can find the audio), you have to figure there is a part of him that believes it, and that there are many more God-fearing folks who believe the same thing.  He states, “Well, it means that the gods are favoring Democrats. Not that we wish any kind of difficulty in terms of the weather. But you know you take the bitter with the sweet. And if you can get a little sweetness without manufacturing it, that’s pretty good.” The thing is that he said a day or so ago, and now it looks like the hurricane is heading to Mobile, Alabama and will skirt around Tampa, so does that mean God, or “the Gods” as he stated, had a change of heart?

On the Roe & Roeper show here in Chicago on WLS-AM, they were commenting on this, and also mentioned that the storm also has a chance to park on top of the Democratic Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, so that instead of just the Republicans, well, God hates all politicians. I began to wonder if that might be true, in a joking way in my head, which leads me to my daily plight: Does God hate politicians?

That’s it for this plight! I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!