What’s New? A Movie Review of “Strange Wilderness” and a DVD Review of “The Game Plan.”

As The Dude on the Right prepares for the Super Bowl, he pounded out a couple of
reviews. One was of the movie
"Strange Wilderness,"
which he saw the other day, and thinks the movie
might be the worst movie ever. Of course that means he gave it 2 stars and
laughed during the film, mostly laughing about how bad it was.

He is also
trying to get more DVD reviews done, so this time it’s a movie with The Rock.
No, it’s not a super action flick, The Dude reviews the DVD version of
"The Game Plan."
If you’ve got a 5 year old girl it’s probably a movie
for all of you to enjoy together, but if you’re a dude, you’ll probably want to
catch the ESPN extras on the DVD.