Today I Cried a Little. For Me He’s Just “Dad.”


The Dude on the Right

We got snowed-in here, today, in Chicagoland.  Some didn’t, or maybe they
had the proper vehicle, equipped with snow-shoes, to travel the glistening,
white roadways, but I didn’t and the snow-plow people
didn’t show up until around 2PM to get the driveway in my townhouse area
cleared.  Hunkered down in my bunker I did get a little bit of work done in
the morning, but shirking some of my duties I also did some cleaning of the
Dude-Pad.  But that’s not why I cried just a little, as the title of this
blog tells.  Nope, as much as my pad needs a good cleaning, and that does
make me sad, it wasn’t until this evening when the tears came.

tonight, I figured, I would also work to clean up and delete stuff on my
computers, and that is when I came across a picture.

There I was, haphazardly
deleting stuff, when I came across a folder named "Home Photos," and the first
picture showing up was one of a lazy, chubby squirrel.  I remembered when I
took it, back in July, for a blog posted in August, and for a moment I was just
ready to hit the "Delete" key because I already had a

blog, posted, with photos of that lazy squirrel.
  But then I scrolled
through the digital camera roll, and there it was, a photo that made me cry, and
it wasn’t just a little.

And that was a couple of hours ago.

As I have been
working on typing, editing, re-typing, re-editing this blog, I have been torn as
to if I should post the picture, or not, because if members of the "… on the
Right" family view this, they might cry a little as well, but hopefully, for the
world that is forever in the Internet, and in having one of the last pictures of
my Dad, maybe the better picture all of us can go to is an image of him smiling,
with his granddaughter.  And that’s not such a bad thing for the world to

So here it is, the last picture I took of my Dad and Favorite Niece –
His Favorite Granddaughter.

As I have been trying to digitize all of the
pictures I have taken in the old version, that with film, in one keystroke I
almost lost a picture of my Dad.  He’s gone from me now, but with this
picture he will live forever, in the digital world.  His name is, umm,
Frank John Labis, it might also be Frank Joseph Labiszewski, it might
also be Frank John Labiszewski,  For me he is, and always will be, just

That’s it for this one! 
I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!