What’s New? A DVD Review of “I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With.”

The Dude on the Right was going to save

this review of "I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With"
for a rainy day, just to
get something posted, but right now he is so sucked back into the Fall TV
season, well, it might as well be a rainy day.  So here is his posted
review of the DVD, where more people than he can recognize are actually in this
movie, but to name two, Jeff Garlin (duh, he wrote, directed and starred in
it), and Steve Dahl (unless you live in Chicago you might say "Who?") have big
or small parts, but hey, if you are a fan of Sarah Silverman, and want to see
her in some slinky lingerie, this movie will probably be worth the rental, just
to, well, see Sarah Silverman in slinky lingerie.

The Dude does find the movie funny, in terms of dialogue, but also thinks the
movie drags a bit, even though he still thinks it’s funny.  The Dude is
really confused.