What’s New? A DVD Review of “Baby Mama.”

"Baby Mama" a movie for the dudes?  Well, The Dude on the Right saw the
movie in the theater, and now does his DVD review of "Baby Mama," and he still
thinks most dudes will find it funny.  It’s pretty obvious the dudettes
will find it funny, because, well, it’s about dudette stuff, and the dudettes
could easily use this movie as an excuse to have a dudette posse party, watching
a funny movie a lot of them can relate with, but hopefully their dude isn’t
really like Carl (the Dax Shepard character).

Tina Fey is on a roll, with her Emmy Award winning show "30 Rock," and if
John McCain dies, leaving Sarah Palin as President, and then Sarah has a brain
aneurism, Tina could actually be the next President of the United States, in
disguise, much like Dave became the President in the movie "Dave," and we
wouldn’t even know it.  Wow, that last comment isn’t even about the DVD
"Baby Mama."  You know what, just rent the damn thing – The Dude on the
Right says that it’s funny.