Website Issues, “A History of Violence,” and The Indians Lost, At Least TV Gets Back to Normal.


The Dude on the Right

So last I left with how God might have messed up with Hurricane Katrina and how
I was pissed at my cable company for messing up with the Indians/White Sox
broadcast, but I suppose I should just let that all go since the hurricane stuff
was mostly based on wacky religious postings and Hurricane Rita didn’t hit
Houston like it was supposed to, and then, of course, the Cleveland Indians,
coming on strong, really choked, as apposed to the White Sox who found
themselves winning games like they were at the beginning of the season.  At
least I don’t really have to worry that much about watching the baseball
championships on TV, I’ve got too many other shows to watch anyway, although I’m
still pissed about The W.B. moving "Smallville" against "Survivor."

I’m finally catching up on things after a couple of weeks of tweaking some
website design issues that were bugging me, most of which none of you will
notice, but I just wanted to tidy up the place a bit, thus delaying a lot of
postings and podcastings.  So, posted now are reviews of "A
History of Violence,
" "Flightplan,"
and "The
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
" DVD, the last, which, sadly, didn’t have
that much cool on this release but the movie was okay viewing the second time

This week I’m working on a podcast review of the movies I’ve seen, a podcast
and website review of the new Bon Jovi and Crazy Frog CD’s, getting back on the
concert trail, as well as still trying to catch that damn penguin movie everyone
seems to like.  September just ended, kinda like the

Green Day
song, and there are only three months left in 2005.  For me,
2005 has really been a hell of a year so far, a lot good, a lot bad, and maybe
it’s been the same for some of you out there, but the Holidays are coming, as
well as Howard Stern going to
Sirius (farting is supposed to start this
Thursday, and farts are always funny, and in all fairness and disclosure, I do
own some of their stock),
Paris broke
up with Paris
, Renee is back on the market, so is Jennifer, and I’ve got two
months to lose some weight and beat my sister in our second bet.  It’s
looking to be a busy three months for the rest of 2005.  Good luck, we’re
all going to need it, I think.

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!