Rated: Not Rated | Running Time: 102 Minutes
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Chokeslam movie reviewPoor Corey (Chris Marquette). In “Chokeslam” he is what one might classify as a loser, still living with mom, and going nowhere in his job at the deli. Enter a thief, Rocket, (Michael Eklund) hellbent on robbing the deli, only this is also a small town so Corey knows it’s a dude from high school. Wouldn’t you know it, now it is time for them to be best buds.

Also, wouldn’t you know it, it is time for Corey’s tenth year high school reunion, and Sheena (Amanda Crew) will be there. Sheena, it seems, is the pride of the town, if you want to call a gimmicky, female wrestler with a violent streak, a pride of a town. It seems that in senior year Corey and Sheena were best buds, and Corey proposed to Sheena in front of the school. What is a girl to do? Say, “No” of course, which also led to Corey’s tailspin into loserdom.

Now, of course, comes all of this “learning about life” stuff as Sheena, who thinks she is done with wrestling, is having her retirement match in the town. This is also where Patrick (Mick Foley) comes into play as, who knew, this little town loves their wrestling, has a hall with amateur wrestling going on, and somehow this big star, Sheena, will be holding her “grand finale,” or so she thinks, in this little town’s hall.

This is a happy, feel-good movie, so you know somehow Sheena and Corey will come to terms with their past, Sheena will figure out her manager/boyfriend is a jerk, and our boy and girl will live happily ever after. Hooray.

Look, “Chokeslam” doesn’t really work to break any new ground, the story is straight-forward, and there aren’t many surprises. You probably, also, aren’t watching “Chokeslam” for artsiness. What you do get from the movie is some fun acting from Chris Marquette and Amanda Crew, long-time wrestling fans will be happy to see Mick Foley but also think he is under-utilized, and the wrestling scenes are pretty fun. You also will get a laugh with, “There’s wood in your ass.”

I wanted more but didn’t really expect if from this film, which is fine. At the end of it, even with some of cheesiness, I’ll roll with a 2 1/2 stars out of 5 for “Chokeslam.” Not great, not bad, you might laugh, but you will also know the movie could have been better.

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