Bachelor Games

Rated: Not Rated | Running Time: 87 Minutes
From: Gravitas Ventures / Strike Films
Available on Digital Platforms July 8, 2016

The publicity material for “Bachelor Games” touted the movie as a horror-comedy. I understand the horror part, sort of, but I’m still waiting on the funny.

Let’s get to the basics…

A bunch of dudes get together for a bachelor party. Sounds like a fun time, right? Where are they headed? Vegas? The Bahamas? No, our group is heading to the Andes mountains in Argentina. Yup, they are on their way to a secluded town where they do some drinking, some drugs, and there is even a stripper. There is also local lore about “The Hunter” who protects the land. What are our boys going to do? Go hiking in the land of course!

So our heroes are on this hike and they stumble upon a town that isn’t on the map and has some kind of scary altar. Oh boy, things are getting twisted.

Eventually the horror part of the movie starts to kick in and the boys are seeing things, or are they? It seems something, or someone, is hunting them, attacking them, and as things go bad we realize these guys just might be the dumbest group of dudes, ever, although things aren’t always what they seem.

Moving along we learn of the military veteran friend losing his mind, one of the dudes wants revenge, one friend who is a complete jackass, and some extra friends thrown in for supposed comic enjoyment.

Next, of course, throw in the “super-scary” plot twist.

Part of me just wants to give away all of the spoilers in the movie, but I know some will like the movie, the horror, and the twists so I’ll keep most things to myself. For me, though, the movie just kind of kept plodding along, even through the twists, and I’m still waiting for “The Hangover” comedy part of the movie.

2 stars out of 5 for “Bachelor Games.” I wanted better horror, or some comedy.