Do You Have a Twitter Account you Don’t Use?

Do You Have a Twitter Account you Don’t Use?

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I tend to forget how many Twitter accounts I have. Yes, I have my personal one at @aplabis, there is @enteravenue, and then there is the slew of accounts I set up to A) Help promote some iPhone apps I have. B) Save them from squatters so someone can’t pose as names close to mine, because, you know, I’m a famous person in my own head. C) I thought they might be cool names to have someday. In all I probably have a dozen accounts, of which I really use two.

The reason I’m bringing this up is there was a report out showing that 44% of Twitter users have never sent a Tweet. I think, much like Facebook accounts people don’t use, Twitter is a bastion of accounts that people set up, followed a few people, looked at a few times, and from this report, 66% maybe even sent a Tweet, something like “Hey, this is my first Tweet!” Then, I’ll bet, most of the people go away.

Will I ever use some of those Twitter accounts? Probably not. Do I even remember the passwords? Hmm? I’m part of that 44% who haven’t sent a Tweet, but I’m wondering more about those who have an account they used before, but forgot about. With that, I’m wondering: Do you have a Twitter account you don’t use?

That’s it for this one! L8R!!!