Did You Do Something “Bunny” Related for Easter?

The Easter Bunny is pooped!I know this post might be a little more religion-specific, but around Easter there are always the posts about what a bunny has to do with what is supposed to be the celebration of resurrection of Jesus after he was dead for three days. Supposedly it goes back to something about rabbits and kids, similar to Santa Claus at Christmas time, and then somehow eggs because involved, related to the rabbit even though rabbits don’t lay eggs. It’s also the time of stories about your favorite way to eat a chocolate Easter bunny, for example, to you eat the ears first, or maybe the head, or the feet. And alas, we also hear the stories about parents who rush out to buy rabbits to give their kids as a pet for Easter, quickly realized “Why in the hell did I buy a rabbit?” and then having to figure out what to do with it.

Me, it’s my time to post one of my favorite pictures, that of a giant, blow-up Easter Bunny, that, like most rabbits, had to take a potty break. With that I guess my answer is “Yes,” but I wonder: Did you do something “bunny” related for Easter?

That’s it for this one! L8R!!!