Do You Plan to Buy a New iPhone if They Launch One With a Larger Screen?

Do You Plan to Buy a New iPhone if They Launch One With a Larger Screen?

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With the recent announcement of the Apple World Wide Developers Conference set for June 2nd thru 6th, the Apple rumor-mill has gone into full-blown high production. Sure, there are the rumors of what iOS 8 will have, the spotty “Apple will update its line of iMacs / laptops / Mac Mini,” the continued rumor of the announcement of Apple putting out a TV, smattering of “this will be the year for the iWatch” (which is nice, because I could use a new watch), and, of course, Apple will finally be putting out an iPhone with a larger screen.

The consensus is that the iPhone 6 will come in two sizes, a 4.7″ and a 5.5″, and will be faster because of new stuff inside. Still in the “we really don’t have a clue but will throw it out” are things like NFC capabilities so we can finally start paying for things easily with our phone, some wacky atmospheric sensors because everyone wonders about the current atmospheric pressure on a daily basis (Yes, I’m mocking, even though I would probably be “that guy”), and in conjunction with the iWatch, a slew of health sensors so we can instantly know we are out of shape.

Am I excited about whatever Apple is going to announce? Hell, yes! Since the original iPhone I’ve been a fan, and for me, I’m up for a new phone so the larger screen would be nice, I’m curious and would probably be an early adopter of the iWatch, and as my laptop is chugging along at a 5+ year old pace, a new Mac Mini might be a nice addition.

June 2nd is about a month and a half away so the rumors will most likely solidify by the time the WWDC comes around thereby ruining some of Tim Cook’s thunder, but I don’t care, I’ll still be wishing I were at the conference in person (maybe next year, if I can win the lottery), and then wish whatever he announces will be available the next day instead of having to wait a couple of more months. Then again, patience is a virtue, or so they say, or at least necessary when it comes to Apple.

I’m going to guess you can figure out my answer, but I wonder: Do you plan to buy a new iPhone if they launch one with a larger screen?

That’s it for this one! L8R!!