A Haircut Gone Wrong: Part 1


The Dude on the Right

I was going to let

yesterday’s blog
wrap things up here until I got back to the old country,
but an incident today, as part of planning for my trip to visit the P’s, went as
I feared it might one of these times.  This blog is simply about my haircut
today, and you can probably relate in one way or another.  Or you can just
quit reading and go on with your daily life, and check in for my next Blog. 
But isn’t there something nice about a getting a decent haircut?  Today, it
didn’t happen.

First, some back-story…

For the longest time I’ve been
getting my hair cut by a nice and nice looking dudette named Vita.  I was
introduced to Vita, and her then hair salon partner, Angela, by a college
friend, Laughing Boy, back in, well, college.  Laughing Boy knew Angela,
but it was Vita’s place, and really, I didn’t care which one cut my hair, on the
looks side they both measured up, but in the end I just wanted a decent hair
cut, actually a decent cut of all of the hairs on my head, and eventually, this
was the place I always went.  They weren’t the cheapest, but the both of
them gave a consistently decent haircut.  As the years went on, after
college, except maybe a couple of times during my stint as a Radio Shack Manager
in downstate Illinois, I still visited Vita’s place and got a decent haircut. 
As my job careers would have it, my locations still stayed neared my old college
stomping grounds, and thus, near Vita’s place.  Vita, she eventually closed
up her shop and Angela went away, but Vita kept doing her hair thing in her
basement in her nearby neighborhood, and I kept getting my haircuts there. 
Over the years, and it has probably been almost 19 years since either Angela,
but for the most part, Vita, have been cutting my hair, Vita’s gotten to know me
and my family whom she has never met, and I know a little bit about her family
as well.  She knows when I am going to visit my parents, because, well, I
need a haircut, and we joked a lot because I always took too long to get a
haircut.  She saw me starting to go "gray" and asked if I wanted to have my
hair colored, to which I replied "What’s the point?" and she related a story
about a dude whose hair she colored who one day couldn’t understand why he was
spending so much money to "not go gray."  Conversation aside, and she has a
super-friendly dog, I could always count on a decent haircut, even when I got a
little goofy with a spiky look.

But then something changed.

One of the
companies I do computer consulting for, that was keeping me near to Vita’s
haircuts, moved.  The new location wasn’t close to their previous location,
nope, it was out into suburban-land, which traveling-wise is actually better for
me, but it was nowhere near Vita’s house, so now I had a problem:  I had to
find a new place to get a haircut.

My quick solution – one of the national
chains.  And it wasn’t that bad for the first two haircuts.  For the
first haircut I got a cutie with nice assets and some cool tattoos, a piercing
through her lower, umm, below her lip, and I was just a little sad that I didn’t
have my contacts in because, well, once taking my glasses off I was pretty much
blind and couldn’t focus on her assets, I mean my haircut.  The easy joking
back and forth was that I couldn’t see what she was really doing to my hair, and
she laughed.  She asked me to take a look, I put my glasses back on, and
she did a pretty good job with the haircut.  I was pleased, just wishing I
had my contacts in, but I left feeling okay about my haircut and not feeling
that bad about not seeing Vita again.

A couple of months go by (I’m not that
quick to get a haircut), and I’m heading home again to see the parents, so I
know I need another haircut, but sadly, piercing girl wasn’t there, and I got
"when I’m out with my husband I always point out to him people who got a bad
haircut" girl.  Again I had no eye contacts, so the joking was back and
forth about my not being able to see the haircut.  "Perfect Haircut" girl
professes during the entire process, from the washing of the hair to the final
removing of the haircut cape, that she is the best haircutter, and I just
humored her during the entire process.  She didn’t do that bad of a
haircut, but piercing girl did better, and now it was time for haircut number
three, without Vita.

And this time, things went wrong.

And this time it will
wait for my next blog to explain everything that went wrong because this blog
has gone on too long as it is, and I’m trying to watch two baseball games and
"America’s Got Talent" at the same time so I can’t focus on my bad hair anymore.

I’ve just got to say this…

I miss seeing Vita.

That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!