A College Paper About the Word “Fuck,” Going Home, and Maybe Some Music Listening.


The Dude on the Right

If you didn’t listen to our "Stu
& The Dudes’s Weekend Wrap-Up,
" I’ve got to thank our staff member Stu Gotz
for solving part of my new movie-going dilemma that I talked about in my

last blog
.  His suggestion was since the old movie theater had the
better viewing experience, when it comes to blockbluster-type movies, pay the
extra buck and a half and head to my tried and true theater, but for the most
part, I should save the cash and head to the new theater for the rest of the
movies.   Thanks Stu!

On another topic, one of the blogs I read on a
regular basis is from a dude named
Brad Feld
.  Subscribe to it if you will.  I don’t always agree
with him, but he found a great piece by a
from Ohio State about the word "fuck."
  Thankfully he read the entire
thing and gave some great thoughts, appropriate for his blog title, so I was
able to skim over the entire "fuck" piece.  I just found Brad’s thoughts
entertaining and thought I would share the links.

On a last topic, I wanted to
post something tonight since I’m not sure when our next post will be, at least
in the next few days.  That’s because I’m heading back to the old country
for a weekend of rest and relaxation.  Okay, it’s not the old country, it’s
just Ohio, and it’s not a weekend of rest and relaxation, it’s just a weekend of
getting together.  But unlike the last time I went home, when I forgot to
charge the battery in my little digital camera, said camera is on charge so I’m
hoping to give a fun-filled blog with pictures from my homestead.  I’m also
taking the "Mobile Podcast Studio" with me so I’m planning on wrestling up my
niece, one of my siblings, or one of my parents to do a podcast over the
weekend.  My guess – they’ll all chicken out and I’ll just have to find
something entertaining and topical to talk about, much like I always do.

the meantime I’ve got to make sure my laptop is set to update the website from
afar, get some laundry done so I have clean clothes, get my garbage out in time,
and get a haircut.  The other thing is that even though I have my
Sirius Satellite Radio, as
my driving day is Friday,
Howard Stern
is off this Friday.  As much as I like "The Friday Show,"
I’m thinking about listening to a bunch of new music on my iPod and finally, and
I mean finally, getting some music reviews posted.  I’ve been really liking
the new Dixie Chicks
CD, have become a little iffy with
Blue October, and
need a couple of more spins with
But then I’ve broken promises before.  I guess we’ll just have to see how
the trip goes.  Let’s just leave this blog at…

That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!